Mum who was afraid to wear swimsuit poses nude to flaunt fabulous curves

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    A mum who spent years living in fear of wearing a swimsuit to the beach posed nude to flaunt her gorgeous curves.

    Honey Positano., 35, from Melbourne, began posting body positive content around three years ago following a brief holiday to Hawaii.

    She said she's suffered with body dysmorphia and body image issues since she was 12, but now spends her time talking about body image to help other women feel more comfortable in their skin.

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    Thinking back to three years ago, Honey said going on a beach holiday was a "massive step" for her.

    She recalls wanting to cancel the trip a number of times in the week leading up to the holiday, because she was so scared she would be "fat shamed in Honolulu".

    But, speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, the mum said what happened when she jetted off actually led to changing her life.

    Honey said: "What happened during my holiday was the exact opposite.

    "It became very obvious by the third day that the only person who cared what I was wearing or how I looked – was me.

    "I came home with a different mentality.

    "A few weeks after returning home, my six-year-old daughter was looking at herself in the mirror and spoke the words 'I’m so fat'.

    "The holiday made me realise I needed to be better to myself.

    "My daughter made me realise that my words have power and for once – I wanted to use my words differently."

    When it came to speaking out about body image, Honey thought Instagram was a great fit – as it felt like a modern version of a blog.

    Now she uses her account, where she boasts over 150,000 followers, to promote self-love and body acceptance.

    And it's fair to say you'd never think she was once afraid of slipping into a swimsuit, as she struts her stuff with confidence.

    She flaunts her curves and stretch marks in stunning pictures where she models super sexy lingerie, swimwear and gorgeous outfits.

    The mum has even posed nude to show off her body in all its natural glory.

    When asked why she opts to post a lot of snaps in lingerie, she said: "I don’t know if this is a question that a slim model would get asked, and that’s a huge part of the reason I wear swimwear and lingerie on my account.

    "A perfect example of this happened on a recent trip that my full-figured friends and I took to the beach.

    "One of us was taking a photo of the others, and was approached by two lovely slim women who asked if we wanted a group photo altogether.

    "They then began praising us for being 'gorgeous powerful queens'.

    "At first it was cute, but then it became almost uncomfortable, because it was obvious that we were the token confident fat girls, rather than just a group of friends in swimwear enjoying the beach.

    "I choose to wear lingerie and swimwear on my account because I am finally comfortable in my body.

    "When I first started making this form of content, I was inundated with messages from women and men who stepped out of their comfort zone or discovered a little boost a confidence, through what I post on my account."

    Honey said all the content she produces is to help people who are "stuck in the mindset" she was in during her 20s, and the response from people has been amazing.

    She said her family love and support what she does, and they're "very proud" of the woman she's become.

    Earlier this year she also co-founded a community for Melbourne fuller-figured creators and creatives.

    Since the first event, Honey has become a part of what she describes as a "wonderful network of babes" who continually inspire her.

    She wants more people to choose to love and embrace the parts of themselves they've been "conditioned to hate", which she admits can be a never-ending journey.

    Even she confesses some days her confidence can be "sky high", but other days it isn't.

    "The difference now is that I no longer focus or dwell on how others see me," she added.

    "That in itself is the most empowering feeling of all.

    "We are taught from a very young age that a large portion of our value as a person comes down to how we look.

    "I see people for who they are, not how they look. And I want the same courtesy in exchange."

    As for what advice she would give to anyone who struggles with body confidence, Honey said the sooner you realise that you’re the only person who truly dislikes those parts of your body, the sooner you’ll feel more free to enjoy the parts of your life that you’ve deprived yourself of.

    She also said if someone criticises the way you look – that says everything about them, and nothing about you.

    Honey added: "We are our own harshest critic.

    "If I could give anyone advice about loving their body more, it would be to push themselves out of their comfort zone just a little bit at a time.

    "Wear the damn shorts. Cut your hair if you want to. Wear a swimsuit. Show your upper arms.

    "Take more photos with friends and family, as trivial as it sounds.

    "Stop saying no to opportunities because of the way you look."

    To find out more about Honey visit her Instagram page.


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