Mums are jealous I look so hot on Christmas – they need Botox and new lingerie

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A mum-of-four has advised British mothers who “look like s**t on Christmas day” to get Botox or buy racy underwear for their husbands.

Carla Bellucci also recommended a haircut and self-care to mums who only prioritise their kids during the festive season.

She made the comments after being trolled online for leaving her newborn at home while she went out to get her nails done.

But Carla, who survived a traumatic birth in September, believes women shouldn’t forget to look after themselves too after having children.

She told the Daily Star: “I don’t understand why so many mums look like s**t on Christmas day.

“I think sometimes they forget it’s their Christmas too and it’s not just for the kids."

Carla, 40, continued: “The ones I’m getting defensive about are the people who come in at me trolling and you go on their accounts and they look like s**t.

“It’s like well you need a load of Botox, maybe a new set of knickers for your husband and then you wouldn’t be so jealous and maybe you will then get laid…

"Maybe if they spiced it up a bit with new underwear they will have a nice sex life and they wouldn't be so worried about girls doing things for a living on OnlyFans."

Carla, who famously blagged a free nose job on the NHS by faking depression, said she always makes sure to dress well for Christmas.

She said it helps boost her mental health and allows her to enjoy making special memories with her family.

The mum explained: “I always want to look nice but especially on Christmas. It’s important to look good for your other half and you are seeing family and having dinner.

“When you look good you feel good and you don’t then feel bitter and twisted towards people who are pretty on Instagram.”

Carla added that the people who troll her on social media are usually unhappy with the way them themselves look.

She continued: “The ones who come at me look awful and I just think are they serious?

“You never get a pretty girl troll you, instead it is always people who look like s**t. I know looks are not everything but why is that?

“Why don’t beautiful women troll other women? If I see a beautiful woman I think ‘oh my god she looks gorgeous’.”

Carla also said her kids will have everything this Christmas because of the success of her OnlyFans page.

But she said she won’t just prioritise her family members on the big day.

She said: “My kids are really spoilt but I always spoil myself as well. I don’t think you have to give everything to your kids and then look like crap.

“You see mums looking terrible while their kids are floating around with an Xbox. It doesn’t make you a bad mum if you want to look good, we give our kids everything so a bit of self-love is important too.”

Carla said she will continue posting on OnlyFans over Christmas but will turn her phone off on Christmas Eve to avoid trolls.

She added: “I will have to put it down because I’m the same as everyone else. I will just live on it and that’s not nice.

“The trolls can look forward to me being back on Boxing Day.”

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