Mums genius hack to stop children getting car sick

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A parenting influencer with over a million followers has shared some brilliant advice for cleaning with children with car sickness. Jacquelin Castillo is a mum of three.

She uses her social media platforms, including on her TikTok @momlikeaboss_ – to share hacks, recipes, and products she recommends. This hack tackles a common parenting problem.

Children are especially prone to motion sickness. Motion sickness is not fun for anyone, especially for kids on a long journey – and their parents.

Thankfully, Jacqueline has a clever hack with portable fans and migraine patches.

The nausea of car sickness is caused by your body being unbalanced, but Jacqueline says that overheating can play a part, so she suggested cooling migraine patches and portable fans to keep children cool.

In reference to the migraine patches, Jacquline said: “These are going to be your best friend.

She said: “Just keep them in your car. If you feel like your child is overheating, put this on their head and it will sort them right out.”

Other tips include smelling cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil and playing with fidget toys to keep their minds off the motion of bumpy roads.

Motion sickness is common in children between two and 12. This is thought to be because children’s sensory faculties are not fully developed.

It may also be caused by the fact that small children have worse visibility in cars.

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Why do people get motion sickness?

Motion sickness is caused by the movement involved in travelling by car, boat, or plane. It can be exacerbated by going over bumps in the road.

This movement causes the ear to send signals to the brain, confusing it. This is what causes the sick feeling.

How to ease motion sickness

NHS advice on relieving motion sickness is:

  • Sit in the front of the car, where there is less movement
  • Look at the horizon
  • Get fresh air by rolling down a window
  • Distract yourself with music or talking
  • Stop the car and go for a walk
  • Try and ginger tablet

Citroen reveal glasses that could help against car sickness

Things that can make car sickness worse

  • Avoid using your phone or reading
  • Don’t drink alcohol and or drink heavy, spicy food before travelling
  • Don’t look at other moving objects around you
  • Parents can also ask their doctor about motion sickness medication for long journeys.

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