My 34HH boobs are hell – but dr said theyre lovely when I asked for reduction

A woman blighted by 34HH boobs that gave her back pain says she was discouraged from getting a reduction by her doctor.

After booking in for a check-up in March 2020, Victoria Gilbert claims a female GP told her women “have paid thousands to have lovely breasts like (hers)”.

The 28-year-old was “disappointed” by the comment – especially as her 8lb breasts had caused her chronic back pain and red welts on her skin.

Over the last 10 years, Victoria visited multiple doctors about getting the op but was offered physio instead.

She was told to lose weight – but after shedding 2.5st in 2016 she actually went up a cup size.

Victoria’s breasts made her reconsider whether she would have kids in future for fear her breasts will continue to grow.

Victoria, from Brentford, West London, said: "I'd made a comment along the lines of 'I don't like my boobs, they're just a bit too big' and that's when she looked at me and she said 'but they're lovely, people would pay thousands [for them].

"I know women that have paid thousands to have breasts like yours. Don't get a reduction, they're lovely.

"There's a tone in women's voices where it's like 'oh I'm just trying to make you feel better' but it wasn't that.

"It was very serious, almost like she was disappointed that I was thinking of making them smaller.

"I was just shocked it was a woman and a professional saying it to me and didn't say anything.”

Victoria added: "It's something I'd expect from a man but not a woman and I think if it was a man I would have given him some hell.

"I was so surprised it was a woman and a professional saying it to me. I think it took me until I got home to realise what had been said to me.

"I felt really, really angry and hurt. It made me think 'how am I going to get this breast reduction if the person that I need to go to to help me get it done doesn't believe I should have one?'."

The experience was difficult for Victoria – especially as she’s been suffering with breast-related issues since puberty.

Her boobs caused her physical pain and also opened her up to abuse from cruel kids who teased her.

Victoria said: "When I was a kid I was so excited to get breasts. I thought 'yay I'm going to have boobs and be pretty and cool' and then they were bigger than everyone else's.

"I was a double-D at 14. I remember thinking 'this is a bit big but maybe they'll stop'.

"The first time I got upset about it I went to measure for a new bra at the age of 14 and I was an E.

"I just started crying there and then with my mum in the changing room, I remember thinking 'this seems like it's not stopping, why are they still growing?'.

"At school I remember mostly girls being mean. Girls would shame and bully me and boys would harass me online for pictures.

"Due to this I suffer with body dysmorphia, I look at myself and see a monster.”

Victoria added: "Working in retail the back pain was the worst. I found it hard to be one my feet for longer than two hours.

"I was able to over time build up stamina but eventually I got a bit better and I could stand a bit longer.

"I once pulled my lower back and it was really bad. Every time I bent over it was such a sharp pain.

"I went to the doctor and said that I thought my lower back was killing me due to bad posture because of my boobs'."

Victoria, who is forced to squeeze into size 18 tops, has been self-conscious about her chest for 16 years.

So determined to get her curves under control, she is planning to get the operation done privately in the UK.

The Londoner, who lives with her social media marketing partner Oscar Stockdale, 25, is fundraising for the op.

She said: "After 14 years of crying, aching and hating myself I now believe my best option is to seek private health care.

"I didn't even think of fundraising for it myself, it was a friend who suggested it. I find it very hard asking for help but after a few months that suggestion was rattling around in my brain.”

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Victoria added: "Between that and what that female doctor said to me I just thought 'maybe I should just give it a go and see what happens'.

"I've done some research and also spoken to a clinic in London, they said it would be between £6,500 and £7,500.

"It would be a life-changing operation for me, I look at them and I'm grossed out by them.

"It will feel like I can just do all sorts of things and not worry about my boobs getting in the way.

"My back won't hurt from doing something for too long and I'll just be able to look at myself in the mirror and like how I look.

"Oscar is wonderful, he said if he had the money he would just pay for it in one go. He loves my body as it is but he also completely gets it.

"He's not in love with my boobs, he's in love with me."

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