My boyfriend is hiding a secret and I suspect it could be a child – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: SOMETHING made me check the mileage on my boyfriend’s car and I discovered he does an extra 200 miles every other weekend.

He tells me he’s working but his work is only ten miles away.

He leaves the house in his work clothes, and I’ve checked and there are no other clothes in his car.

He sleeps at mine the night before and comes back to mine after. He never smells of perfume and I don’t think he’s cheating.

Whatever he is doing, it has been going on for five years.

I’m 32 and he is 34. I don’t know whether to mention it to him and risk losing him.

I know he wouldn’t be happy to know I have been checking up on him, plus it would mean he has lied to me for years about where he is going.

Do I just ignore it and carry on?

DEIDRE SAYS: The timing of every other weekend makes me wonder if he has a child he hasn’t acknowledged to you but playing detective isn’t the answer.

Say you sense he is keeping something from you and want him to be honest.

If you don’t, a ­lack of trust will always be an issue.

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