My boyfriend kept leaving our dates early – then I found out devastating news

A woman revealed how she discovered her boyfriend was cheating after weeks of suspicious behaviour.

Caroline Lopes was left distraught when she discovered some devastating news about her relationship.

The 21-year-old had dated the fella for a few months which began with joy before she saw signs of problems.

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She said: "At first, everything seemed wonderful.

"But over time, I started noticing little things that didn't add up.

"He started showing up late for our dates, and oddly enough, he also always seemed to have to leave early.

"Excuses were convincing, related to work and family, but I began to suspect."

Being a frequent traveller and accustomed to air adventures, Caroline soon put her device to different use.

She added: "Travelling is a passion for me, but I deal with many setbacks at the airport.

"My bags have been lost a few times, which made me adopt Apple AirTags to avoid these issues.

"They have really helped me keep my travels at ease."

But one day the Brazilian decided to put her gadgets to different use after her boyfriend made her question things.

She decided to tuck one of the devices into a hidden compartment in her partner's backpack.

"My intention was to be discreet and find out where he was really going," she admitted.

"I needed to confirm my suspicions."

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Using the location data provided by AirTag, the model traced the route and was shocked by her discovery.

So when she saw her boyfriend had been meeting another woman, Caroline decided to confront him.

She explained: "I saw him leaving a house, accompanied by another woman.

"It was like they were together as a couple. It was devastating to witness that, but I knew I needed to confront him."

With courage, Caroline faced the situation and told her then-boyfriend about what she had witnessed.

She added: "Despite the pain, I ended the relationship immediately.

"This episode left a deep mark on me, making it difficult for me to enter into a new relationship.

"But I am working to overcome this trauma and rediscover myself."

The model believes the device can become powerful tools to unlock secrets.

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