My Labradors ripped my £500 sofa to shreds when I nipped out

Paw-tners in crime! My Labradors ripped my £500 sofa to shreds when I nipped out

  • Julie Saunders, from Huddersfield, caught her two Labradors red-handed
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A stunned mum captured the moment she discovered her mischievous Labradors had torn her sofa apart – with one unrepentant pooch caught completely burying itself under a heap of duck feathers.

Julie Saunders had left Rocco and Poppy in her home office room at her house in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, for an hour so she could attend a family meal on March 14.

However when the 38-year-old returned she was stunned to find the troublesome pair lounging leisurely among duck feathers they’d ripped out of the £500 sofa.

Hilarious photos show seven-year-old Rocco sprawled over the torn furniture with its stuffing covering him ‘like camouflage’ apparently without a care in the world.

In another snap a sheepish-looking Poppy, four, appears to try and distance herself from the destruction by squinting into the camera and offering up her duck toy as a peace offering.

Julie Saunders, from Huddersfield, Yorkshire, learned the hard way why it’s not a good idea to leave your dogs unsupervised after her Labradors Rocco and Poppy ripped her £500 sofa to shreds 

Julie believes the pooches had been playing with a ball that got stuck on the sofa so they were trying to paw it off when they ripped the material.

She reckons that after catching a whiff of the duck feather their ‘instincts kicked in’ and they went wild tearing them out.

The mum-of-two says she was left speechless at the chaotic scenes she returned home to, but couldn’t be angry ‘because they’re too cute’.

But the pair’s stunt appears to have backfired because teacher Julie has vowed to shut them in the kitchen when she’s out in future rather than her cosy office.

The side-splitting images have been liked almost 500 times on Facebook with users apologising for laughing but loving how Rocco and Poppy look.

Julie said: ‘When I walked in I just thought “oh my god”. There were duck feathers everywhere.

‘Poppy came to the door with a toy in her mouth but Rocco was just lying on the sofa and didn’t move.

‘It was so funny. We took pictures of it straight away but we couldn’t shout at them because they’re too cute to be angry at. We just had to laugh.

When they are not busy ruining their owner’s sofa, the partners in crime are usually not destructive, Julie said 

Julie plans to sew the sofa back up and has found the whole experience funny and said she’s learned her lesson 

‘I think one of them was playing with the tennis ball and it got stuck on the sofa so they tried to scratch it off. Then maybe they scratched it too much and a couple of feathers came out.

‘Perhaps they’ve smelled the duck feathers and played with them. They’re gun dogs so it could be their instincts, at least we’ll be able to fix it.

‘I’ve learned my lesson. We leave them in the office room quite a lot and they’re in here during the day while I’m working, but we’ll have to leave them in the kitchen when we go out now.’

Julie says she’d taken off the blue cover that’s usually on the sofa to wash it so it was much easier to rip than it usually would be.

The dog lover came home to find her couch was been completely destroyed by her pups. Pictured: Rocco hiding under the feathers 

Rocco, who Julie admitted was ‘the naughty one’ was caught basking in feathers by his owner when she came home 

Rocco did not seem to apologetic when Julie got home to find her sofa ripped into shreds earlier this month

She insists it’s the first time they’ve been destructive but that Rocco is usually ‘the naughty one’.

The 38-year-old has since stuffed as many feathers back into the sofa as she can and plans to sew it up.

She shared the story on Facebook, writing: ‘I only nipped out for an hour! Who’s the culprit?’

One commented: ‘Good grief that is so funny!!!! I didn’t even see the lab camouflaged under the feathers at first I was just laughing at the guilty looking one with the duck in his mouth!

Pictured: Poppy and Rocco sitting on the sofa in better days. The couch’s cover was in the wash when the incident happened  

Dog lovers were left in stitches after Julie shared the picture of Rocco and Poppy and the ripped sofa online 

‘Best pics I’ve seen of Labrador destruction for ages. Sorry for laughing!’

A second wrote: ‘This is hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. I expect you will find feathers for months. Thanks for sharing.’

A third commented: ‘The lab with the eyes closed! My lab always does it when she’s told off or guilty of something. It’s like they think if we close our eyes, they can’t see us so we can’t see them.’

A fourth wrote: ‘Oh my good god. I’m sorry, I did laugh when I saw how comfy he looked on the couch surrounded by feathers.’

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