My partner gets angry and storms off if I don't feel like having sex

DEAR DEIDRE: My partner acts like a spoilt child if he doesn’t have sex with me. He gets angry and upset and storms off back to his flat.

We met online a year ago. We are both 70 and live 20 miles apart.

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Things quickly led to sex but perhaps because of my age it’s not something I think about a great deal whereas it is number one on his agenda.

He’s an unselfish lover and says he gets his pleasure from pleasuring me, but he wants sex every time we meet.

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I have told him I can’t just turn it on like a tap, but he says he’s a red-blooded male and wants sex.

If I say I’m tired or not in the mood he just erupts, slamming the door as he leaves my home.

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DEIDRE SAYS: He is not entitled to sex whenever he wants.

It is possible he feels rejected and is reacting to those feelings immaturely. Having sex is how he feels connected to you and you vetoing sex may feel as though you are rejecting him.

There is room for compromise. Talk about times you feel like sex, when you are relaxed and refreshed and can make it quality sex – and when you don’t, which he should respect.

My support pack Different Sex Drives? can help.

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