My wife made a sex tape with my best friend then kicked me out of the house

My wife has thrown me out for daring to answer back.

She says I can’t go home until I apologise for “disrespecting her”.

This is so typical of her. The fact is that she’s in the wrong for sleeping with my best mate. She wants me to forgive and forget their affair but why should I?

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She and I have been married for seven years. During that time, I’ve bitten my lip and turned a blind eye to her numerous flings.

I’ve allowed her to make a laughing stock of me with all sorts of men from her ex- boyfriend to her old boss.

One time on holiday in Spain, she snogged several waiters and fellow holidaymakers while I looked the other way.

I convinced myself that she was simply letting off steam after a tough year at work. But sleeping with my best mate was a step too far.

I want her to finally take some responsibility for her actions, especially as they made a sex tape and conducted their three-month affair in our bed while I was nursing my sick brother.

She argues she’s only human and we all make mistakes – yadda, yadda – but I’m angry.

During our years together she’s always got her own way. She’s chosen our holidays, wasted our money and talked to me like dirt. But this worm has finally turned, and she doesn’t like it.

She’s telling mutual friends I’ve lost my mind and become unreasonable. But I haven’t. All I’ve done is finally stand up for myself and demand an apology and a promise that nothing like this will happen again.

That’s only fair, isn’t it? Why should I be punished when she’s the one who has misbehaved?

JANE SAYS: For a very long time your entitled wife has got away with shouting the loudest. She’s embarrassed and belittled you and not given a fig for your feelings or your reputation.

Now you’ve called her out for sleeping with your best friend – in your bed – and she doesn’t like it.

She can’t handle being shamed and confronted. She clearly thinks the best form of defence is attack but she’s coming across as pathetic.

It’s blatantly obvious that she’s the one who needs to apologise and grow up; she screwed up. She pushed you over the edge by sleeping with your best mate.

Do you even want to go home if it’ll mean being back in her company? From the sounds of it, your marriage has been dysfunctional and unhappy from the start.

Not only is she bossy and immature, she’s unfaithful and unfeeling too. I suggest you take a breath and give yourself some time to consider the future.

There is no rush. She may have a lot to say but I suspect she needs you more than she cares to admit.

Do you need her? Consider all the ways in which your life might be better without her…

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