'NCIS': The Biggest Reason Why the Show Won't Get Canceled Anytime Soon

One of the longest running and most popular drama shows of all time is NCIS. Since 2003, fans have followed the adventures of the agents in the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as they learn about their personal struggles and emotional journeys.

While shows that keep viewers tuned in on a regular basis are becoming rarer, NCIS has astounding staying power. With the recent news that the show has been renewed for a 17th season, set to debut in the fall of 2019, fans are more eager than ever to learn about what makes this show such a perennial favorite.

What is ‘NCIS’ about?

Initially conceived as a spinoff of the popular show JAG, NCIS follows a group of ragtag special agents. While the show is a drama centered around the work of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, the show also has plenty of heart and humor, which keeps every episode fun, fresh, and interesting.

NCIS has gone on to spawn several spinoffs and has been heavily praised by critics and audiences for the acting and writing.

NCIS has also received multiple awards during the sixteen-season run, including several Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards. It consistently ranks as one of the most-watched and highest-rated shows on television, which is quite a feat for any series, especially one that has been around since 2003.

Fans love the characters

One of the main reasons for the staying power of NCIS can be traced back to the show’s enduring characters. Over the years, procedural dramas have gotten the reputation for being formulaic, with characters that tend to stay stagnant and not grow very much, if at all. The characters in NCIS have all gone through significant changes while on the show, so fans likely feel a greater sense of connection than they would to boring cardboard characters. 

The actors on the show have become closely identified with the characters that they portray, especially Mark Harmon, who plays Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. A well-known actor when he was cast on NCIS, Harmon has become the face of the show and has a huge fan following.

While rumors have continued to swirl about the possibility of Harmon leaving NCIS, the actor himself has said that as long as the show features interesting writing and good storylines, he will definitely stick around. It seems as though he has a great affection for the character of Gibbs, just as the viewers do.

Some other characters have come and gone during the show’s run, including fan favorite Pauley Perrette as Abby Sciuto and Cote de Pablo as Ziva David (although she made a stunning surprise return in the show’s season sixteen finale).

Viewers also love the realism that the actors bring to their roles and the sense of urgency that is imbued into every investigation.

What will happen in season 17?

Season seventeen of NCIS won’t be premiering until later this year, but fans are already speculating about what surprises the show will have in store. It definitely seems as though all the regular cast members, including Mark Harmon and Wilmer Valderrama, will be returning for the new season.

With the surprise cameo from Cote de Pablo in the season sixteen finale, it seems likely that viewers can expect to see more of Ziva David – although exactly how much isn’t certain. 

What is certain is that the loyal fans, who have been there since day one, will be ready and waiting for even more NCIS action. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and trivia as the seventeenth season of NCIS draws even closer!

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