New mother incorporates her four month-old baby into her workouts

Baby-weight! New mother loses 9lbs by using her four month-old as a prop during workouts – and now exercises three times a week with her two daughters

  • Charlotte Brooks, 30, wanted to lose weight after the birth of her daughter Mylah
  • Teaching assistant from Blackpool couldn’t workout as baby would distract her
  • So she started using the babe as a weights and incorporate her in her routines
  • Now works out three times a week with both her four-month and eight year olds  
  • Already lost nine pounds and gone from 13 stone 9lbs to 13 stone in few weeks

A mother-of-two has revealed how she’s found the time to workout at the same time by using her baby as a weight for her workouts. 

Charlotte Brooks, 30, from Blackpool, who gave birth to Mylah four months ago, recently decided she wanted to be more active. But every time she tried to follow fitness routines on YouTube, her little girl would become restless. 

So she started using her in one of her routines – doing squats while giving her a cuddle, lunges with her in her arms, and peekaboo sit ups.

And the single mum, who also has older daughter Sadie, eight, has already lost nine pounds in just a few weeks – shrinking from 13st 9lbs to 13 stone, thanks to her unusual workout.  

‘I didn’t really expect much, but she absolutely loved it,’ she explained. ‘Now she’s always wanting to do a work out with me – she’s obsessed!’

Charlotte Brooks, 30, from Lancashire, wanted to lose weight after the birth of her second daughter Mylah. She now exercises three times a week using four-month-old Mylah as a weight, and her daughter, Sadie, eight, likes to join in  

Charlotte could not get her baby (pictured) to settle down long enough so that she could work out, so she started using her her as a weight. Pictured: Charlotte with Mylah and Sadie

Charlotte said she hadn’t been very active during maternity leave and wanted to get back in shape, but classes took a lot of time and struggled to find childcare.   

‘I went to a gym before having Mylah but I didn’t like the thought of people looking at me post-baby body,’ said Charlotte. ‘I’m not too serious and wanted to be taking my time with it.’

‘It was just more comfortable to do it from home, so I bought some weights and gym bits – but then I’d get them out and struggle to think of a routine.’ 

Single mother-of-two Charlotte started lifting Mylah a month ago when the tot became restless while she tried to follow fitness routines on YouTube. 

Single mother Charlotte soon started working out with both her daughters (pictured) and they now exercise together two to three times a week

In a video, Charlotte can be seen using Mylah as a weight while she and Sadie do squats together during one of her workouts 

‘Mylah would be sat on the floor while I tried to workout, but she’d always need picking up and some attention halfway through, so I ended up just involving her,’ Charlotte explained.  

After using Mylah as weights, the teaching assistant also started involving daughter Sadie in the fun routines.

The family exercise together two or three times a week after school before having dinner. 

‘She loved it – she was laughing away and clearly thought it was great fun. I thought “why not get Sadie involved too?” and she came to try it.  

Charlotte has lost nine pounds, shrinking from 13st 9lbs to just 13 stone in the few weeks since she’s started using Mylah as a weight 

The mother (pictured) told how the family work out around three times and week and that eight-year-old Sadie often asks when their next exercise session will be  

Making it up as they go along, the trio do star jumps, burpees, squats, lunges, planks and sit-ups for around 30 minutes at a time. 

‘Because Sadie is so energetic and excited to do it, it makes me get more into it too and inspires me,’ explained Charlotte. ‘She’s always saying “Mum, when are we doing a workout?”

‘We don’t usually do it every day, but with Sadie being on half term we’ve done it loads the past couple of weeks.

‘It’s important to teach my girls to be active – but it’s also bonding time for us. It’s nice to be spending that time together just having a bit of fun.’

Charlotte (pictured), who wants to teach her daughters to be active, said that the exercise sessions have allowed them to bond as a family 

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