Newlyweds trolled for dishing up mega McDonalds order to wedding guests

A newlywed couple have been forced to defend their low-cost wedding after they were slated by trolls online for serving McDonald’s meals to guests. Thomas Billaudeau, 27, and his wife, Ophélie, 25, were greeted by cheers when they revealed the large fast food order they delivered for wedding guests.

The pair had ordered more than 300 burgers, wraps, nuggets and other items from their local branch of the American chain to feed their guests when they got married at the weekend. A delivery driver was seen carrying bags of food into the beautifully decorated reception room in Beauvais – leaving guests delighted.

But when the groom, who works as a photographer, shared a clip of the celebration on social media, gaining more than 1.5million views, they were hit with backlash from viewers. People criticised the couple for not serving their guests "quality food".

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One user wrote: "Given the price of McDonald's now it's better to take a caterer and you'll have quality as well." Another critic penned: "I would have been embarrassed in their place."

However the couple, from Paris, France, have since defended their decision to local media. They told reporters that they did it because "it was cheaper" and wanted food everyone liked.

The bride, who works as a marketing assistant, told Le Parisien newspaper: “We looked at the price of some caterers but I am a fussy eater. I was afraid that we were going to pay for something that we did not like. If you are going to pay, you may as well get something you like.”

Other TikTok viewers defended the couple, insisting the pair should be able to have whatever they want at their own wedding. One user wrote: "I would rather eat McDonald's at my wedding than go into debt for 25 years for a wedding."

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A second commented: "People who are not happy, is it your marriage?" A third added: "Finally, people who have the wedding they want to have without going into debt to show off. Be happy!"

The clip has since gained more than 54,000 likes and was shared with a "thank you" while tagging the local outlet. "Thank you for the treat at our wedding," the groom wrote.

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