Noobs Pwned: The 8 Most Followed Roblox Players

Roblox does not only allow users to play games online; it also allows users to make their own games using Roblox Studio for others to play. Indeed, it is a genius development in gaming, which was developed by San Mateo, a California-based Roblox corporation. Roblox is known to be the brainchild of David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, who created this masterpiece in 2004 and released the same in 2006.

Many Roblox players have risen to fame in the world of esports through online gaming sessions and through developing extraordinary games for other users. Here are some of these players who have amassed a massive fan following on the platform.

8 Sharkblox

Sharkblox is one of the most followed players on Roblox. ‘Sharkblox’ was the name he chose since it went hand in hand with his online gaming avatar. In real life, he is a British gamer famous for his YouTube gaming videos.

He is also well known amongst fans for creating the Roblox Video Stars Program. The channel Sharblox was created back in June 2017, and he uploaded a video just one day after creating it. By 2021, he became one of the most followed Roblox players with about 5.5 million followers.

7 Shedletsky

Shedletsky is particularly famous when it comes to Roblox because he was also the former Creative Director at Roblox from 2006 until 2014. John James Shedletsky was reportedly the 4th engineer who got hired by the online gaming platform.

Although he resigned from his position at Roblox, he created games like Nuke The Whales and Sword Fight On The Heights IV. Shedletsky is also one of the most followed Roblox Players, with about 1.3 million followers.

6 Mrflimflam

Mrfimflam goes by different pseudonyms on different online platforms, but his fans know how to locate him everywhere on the internet. On YouTube, he goes by the name ‘Flamingo’ while his name in real life is Albert Spencer Aretz.

The YouTuber has also been associated with the Roblox Video Stars Program, which in itself has over 9,000,000 subscribers. Mrflimflam is on the leaderboard with a fan following of about 8.2 million.

5 Lynitaa

Lynitaa is a Roblox player from Argentina who has also been a part of the Roblox Video Stars Program. She is famous amongst her fans for uploading videos of Minecraft and Roblox, and her fan group is called ‘Fans de Lynitaa’.

Lynitaa is among the most followed Roblox players with a huge number of fans. She has almost 1.6 million followers. Even on YouTube, she has about 10,000,000 subscribers.

4 Builderman

Builderman is none other than the creator of Roblox – David Baszucki. He is in charge of managing all of the admins of Roblox. When a new user joins Roblox, he becomes their friend on the platform by default and welcomes them warmly to the gaming platform. Anybody who has been his friend from before 2014 automatically gets a follow back.

Builderman is also the most followed figure on Roblox, with over 69.6 million followers. David Baszucki also is in charge of handing out the ‘Award Of Excellence’ at the Bloxy Awards to the best game created on Roblox.

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3 Pokediger1

Pokediger1 is a big deal not only on Roblox but also on YouTube. He reportedly has over 4,000,000 subscribers. He was once in a YouTube group known as ‘The Crew And Friends’ and other YouTubers like Tofu and SeeDeng.

After a series of bans and restrictions, he began uploading content on his second channel by the name of PokePlayz in 2020. Previously on this channel, he uploaded Minecraft videos. Pokediger1 qualifies as one of the most followed Roblox players, as stated by Reddit. He is estimated to have a fan following of about 1.5 million. His real name is Zachary ‘Zack’ Tarnopol, and on YouTube, he is famously known as Poke.

2 NotLeah

NotLeah has a mind-blowing fan following on her YouTube Channel with her estimated subscriber count of 4.6 million. NotLeah is also famous because of her love for the color pink and is often referred to, amongst her fans, as ‘Pink Queen’.

She also has a reputation of having taken part in the RB Battles event and having defeated Cybernova in round one. Her content is mostly roleplay and challenge videos related to Adopt Me!, Royale High, and Brookhaven RP. She has about 1.4 million followers on Roblox and is in charge of a group called ‘Ashe Army’ that has over 3 million subscribers.

1 DenisDaily

DenisDaily is also on the list of the most followed players on Roblox. He is one of the four famous Roblox YouTubers called ‘The Pals’. This former Canadian Roblox player is more popularly known as ‘Denis’.

Denis has a massive following of about 1.4 million on Roblox. Likewise, he also has about 9 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel.

One of the reasons for the rising fan following in Roblox’s world is the coronavirus pandemic. It has certainly made creative minds stay indoors and follow their passion for gaming.

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