Old fashion baby names are making a comeback – from Ernest to Mabel

Baby names go in and out of fashion constantly.

I'm sure you remember being at school and have several friends named Jack or Harry.

However an expert has told the Daily Mail that some names go in and out of style in a 100 year cycle.

According the experts the names Albert and Joan predicted to soon become popular again

They've also used analysis of current trends to predict which baby names are set to make a comeback 100 years later.

The findings come from family history company Findmypast, which also revealed that the Royal Family influence baby names.

Mary McKee, Head of Content Publishing Operations at Findmypast, said: "History always has a tendency to repeat itself and baby names are no exception.

"All roads point to Joan, as parents are increasingly look to name their baby girls after strong female historical figures.

"And who better to take inspiration from than Joan of Arc.

"When it comes to boys' names, these have a tendency of coming back into fashion but as their nickname equivalent – Frederick becomes Freddie, Archibald becomes Archie."

Below are the lists of the top ten boys and girls name set to make a comeback.

Top ten girls names set to make a comeback:

  1. Joan
  2. Mary
  3. Margaret
  4. Dorothy
  5. Gladys
  6. Irene
  7. Iris
  8. Elsie
  9. Ada
  10. Mabel

Top ten baby boy names set to make a comeback:

  1. Ronald
  2. Arthur
  3. Robert
  4. Albert
  5. Freddie
  6. Edward
  7. Archie
  8. Ernest
  9. Isaac
  10. Harris

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