Only 1% of people can spot second animal in mind-boggling optical illusion

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Optical illusions are made to baffle the brain – and this latest one will seriously get to you.

The latest tricky image which has surfaced the internet was shared by Hectic Nick.

Posting on his TikTok page, where he has over 3.9million followers, he asked people to find the second animal in the image.

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He said while we can clearly see a dolphin and fish in the photo, there's actually something else lurking.

The TikTok user also claimed only 1% of people can find it – so can you beat those odds?

The optical illusion of the dolphin and fish could reveal just how good your eyesight really is.

And if you're still struggling, Hector suggested flipping the image as he provided a simple hint to his legion of followers.

He added in the video: "Try flipping your friend over and you might be able to see it."

So have you spotted anything yet?

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When you flip your phone upside down you'll see a flock of birds flying over the ocean.

Then the dolphin becomes both a pelican and another bird.

The image has left thousands of adults scratching their heads as they try to spot the other animal's face hidden with the sea.

Are you looking for more mind-boggling optical illusions to trick your brain?

Previously, a baffling optical illusion has a hidden number in it and it's tricky to find.

In the photo it has a hidden number made up of two digits which can be difficult to spot at first.

According to Jackpotjoy, about nine in 10 people can see the hidden number if they look for long enough.

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