Only people with high IQs can spot odd letter in difficult optical illusion

Some people love having a good problem to solve.

If you're partial to a brain teaser then you'll be used to putting your cognitive skills to the test.

And – they're quite good for you – as they help to improve your ability to learn and enhance your problem solving skills as well as your memory.

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Brain teasers are essentially a form of riddle that work to make you to think outside the box.

It's a great way to put your mind to work by allowing it to focus on something very specific.

Thanks to JagranJosh people are able to test their talents with a new brain teaser but, rumour has it, only those with "high IQs" are able to solve the puzzle within a specific time frame.

When you look at the vibrant brain teaser you'll pretty much see the same letter repeated in various colours.

You may not think it at first, but there's actually an odd one out.

If you focus on the picture for quite a while it'll get to a point where you spot it but – according to experts on the website – you need a high IQ to notice it within as little as 21 seconds.

At first you'll see several Ys, but you'll know you're clever if you manage to speedily spot the X.

The picture shows 13 rows and 31 columns, so you have to be super observant to spot the odd letter quickly.

If you find it difficult to pick out the odd letter, we'll let you know what the answer is below, so make sure you have a good look before you continue to scroll.

On the other hand – if you glance to the right – you may have a better chance of finding it.

For those who have given up you'll find the X on the sixth row along the 19th column.

If that was too easy, maybe you'd like to give another test a go?

Perhaps you should try and figure out if you can spot the grasshopper hiding in this forest scene.

The mind-boggling challenge asks you to find the insect within five seconds.

Were you sharp enough to spot the hidden figures? Let us know in the comments if so!


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