OnlyFans pro mistress says she cant get normal job because shes too hot

An OnlyFans model who describes herself as a "professional mistress" says she can't get a 'normal' job because she's too hot.

Amy Kupps is among the top 0.9 percent of content creators on the X-rated social media platform, earning around £20,000 a month.

The 32-year-old, from North Carolina in the States, previously worked as a history teacher at a secondary school but she says she was forced to quit when her boss discovered her raunchy side hustle.

She claims she has struggled to land a so-called 'normal' job because her good looks cause too many problems – including during job interviews.

She said: "Being so hot has always been a bit of an issue for me but I think now I’ve become so confident in myself I’m too intimidating for the guys who interview me.

"Prior to teaching I went for an interview for a job in a store and the manager had me come to his office.

"When I sat down, he did a double-take and got all flustered.

"He kept staring at my chest and face, sweating uncontrollably and shaking, and couldn't think of questions to ask me.

"After a while, the manager said he had to go to the toilet and when he stood up there was a huge bulge in his pants.

"When he came back, he abruptly ended the interview by saying I wasn’t qualified but 'had I ever considered modelling' as he thought I’d be good at that."

Amy now works full time on her OnlyFans page.

She says she specialises in pursuing married men which has given her a unique insight into why men are unfaithful and how they hide their illicit romances.

According to Amy, one of the key reasons men cheat is the most obvious – sex.

In this case, she says the wife has "only herself to blame" for failing to keep their partners 'pleased' in the bedroom.

"Cheaters are a thrill in bed, mainly because they haven't been pleased in years so they are willing to do whatever it takes to get me excited," she says.

"I tend to go for men in their late 30s or 40s, as they are much more romantic, financially stable and experienced in bed.

"Husbands spend more on me than they do on their wives.

"I prefer cash over expensive gifts – my lovers have pretty much bought the $500,000 house that I'm building for myself in "instalments".

"I take their money to pay my bills and pamper myself, and can get upwards of $50,000 in gifts every month."

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