Ordinary looking house in picturesque location has a VERY bizarre layout – you won’t believe where the toilet is

AN average looking house has gone on sale for £550,000 – but the toilet is in a completely bizarre place.

The four-bedroom property in Hawaii, US, is found in a stunning location and seems an absolute steal for the price range of $725,000 (£553,823).

That is however, if you can manage with the incredibly unusual placement ofwhere you need to do your business.

Instead of being in a separate room or even behind sliding doors, the toilet is extraordinarily found smack bang in the middle of the kitchen.

With screenshots of the post making their way to Reddit, users were quick to poke fun at the oddly located toilet.

One viewer said: "Bathroom particles in your food…. NO."

Another quipped: "Maybe they were out of garbage disposers at Home Depot and got a toilet instead."

The home has never been on the market before and prospective owners will get the chance to live "half a block away from historic downtown Kapa'au".

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Listed on property site compass, the ad states it has a large storage and workshop space which the listing says "can be a 4-car garage".

A spacious detached 2-car carport and a shed come with the property if you need more motor space.

As well as the unusual toilet placement, there is also an outdoors kitchen located in the garage.

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However, this is definitely less bizarre than the toilet as outdoor sinks are common in hotter countries and can be especially useful if there is a need to work on motors.

Potential buyers could of course, always buy the property and renovate the layout to their fancy.

More than a half-acre of property is fairly levelled, fully fenced with an automated dual swing gate, and has extensive concrete driveways. 

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In terms of location the house is well situated, close to a number of schools, cafes and the local hospital.

And for those fruit lovers, mature tropical fruit trees flourishing on the property include mangos, lychees, oranges, apples, dragon fruits and pineapples. 

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