Pensioner accidentally photobombs bikini clad model leaving people in stitches

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A model has been hilariously photobombed by an unexpecting beach goer – and now the OAP has been hailed the real ‘supermodel.’

Donning a skimpy red bikini, the stunning brunette can be seen at first posing on the beach.

Flaunting her toned bod, the model is none the wiser that a fellow sun seeker is about to steal her spotlight.

Wading his way onto the beach in true Baywatch style, an older bloke donning a pair of teeny swimming trunks comes into camera view.

The brown haired bombshell still remains unaware of the silver fox making his way out of the water behind her.

Armed with a massive grin, the pensioner struts his stuff in his swimsuit as the bikini clad model still poses unbeknownst to him behind her.

And, unaware that he has distracted the limelight away from the model.

Filmmaker and editor Gerr Morales captured the moment on camera and swiftly shared it to TikTok under the username @gerrmorales.

Since being posted, the photobomb video has racked up 8 million views and 637,000 likes.

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Left in stitches at the perfectly timed photobomb, many people fled to the comments to praise the unexpected beach heart throb.

One person chuckled: “Should be a supermodel, what’s his name?”

Another user commented: “Move, I can’t see the star of the show.”

Whilst a third person noted: “The dude walking through the background like a boss.”

Someone else added: “Bro wasn’t phased at all.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user stated: “Could you move? I’m trying to get a look at that absolute unit.”

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