People Can't Get Over Alex Morgan's Tea-Sipping Celebration After Scoring Against England

Shortly after halftime during Tuesday's Women's World Cup match between the U.S.A. and England, team U.S.A.'s co-captain, Alex Morgan, scored the game winning goal in the match that ended 2-1. 

But it wasn't just her goal that had people talking. It was the celebratory move she made afterwards, mimicking a sip from a cup of tea — which, of course, is a reference to the English tradition.

The gesture wasn't appreciated by everyone, but it sure did inspire some choice memes, even ones paying homage to the Boston Tea Party (because, you know, the American Revolution). The match had even more significance when you consider that it happened during the week of July 4th, celebrating the U.S.'s independence from Britain. Who doesn't love a good historical reference?

Morgan herself acknowledged the team's win (which coincidentally also happened on her birthday) on Twitter, writing, "Thanks for continuing to believe with us. And that’s the tea."

Spoken like a true meme queen.

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