People reveal the VERY expensive accidents that have happened to them

That’s going to cost them! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY expensive accidents – including a wine cellar collapsing and a school bus reversing over a sports car

  • Social media users from around the globe shared snaps of expensive accidents 
  • Bored Panda have collated the online gallery of amusing and frustrating pictures 
  • Include a lorry which crashed into the front of a house and a cat stuck in sand 

Social media users have shared examples of some very expensive accidents, which are guaranteed to make you feel better about your own mishaps. 

The photos, which were shared online and collated by Bored Panda, include one of a school bus reversing over an expensive sports car.

 In one instance a builder did more harm than good when he crashed a lorry into the front of a house, while elsewhere a man watched in horror as the shelves in his wine cellar collapsed. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals hilarious examples of accidents which are sure to cost alot of money. 

Social media users from around the globe have shared examples of some very expensive accidents. This unfortunate user, from Florida, had their house split in two thanks to a mishap with a nearby crane 

Car-tastrophe! This user, from an unknown location, had forgotten that he’d parked one of his cars on top of a self-hiding garage, crushing it against the house 

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Look behind you! A lorry driver, thought to be in America, forgot to raise the back end of their truck and ended up crashing into a building 

Wave goodbye to that car! This unfortunate driver, from an unknown beach, had to prise their car out of wet sand after parking it on the beach 

Something to wine about! This US alcohol lover had a lot of cleaning up to do after his wine rack fell over – but it looks as though he had plenty of backup stock leftover

Someone’s getting fired! This user, from the US, accidentally released a large amount of fire suppressant foam into this warehouse 

Crushed! A car was driving too close to this school bus in Clark County and was eventually backed into his very expensive sports car 

Pour me! Elsewhere an American smashed a bottle of $16,000 Bottle of Victory In Europe, 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild wine 

Not cleaning up! A flush cash lover from Canada lost out on $500 after someone tried to disinfect it by microwaving it  – rendering it useless

Sticky situation! This user, from an unknown location, had his car destroyed after a very unfortunate mishap with a cement truck 

Plane stupidity! This user, from an unknown location, took a photo of an air slide which accidentally opened up inside the plane 

Not what I ordered! And elsewhere a car owner had his truck cut in half after a visit to the mechanic to get it fixed 

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