People share amusing ways they're celebrating end of their marriages

The ex appeal! Divorcees share the amusing ways they’re celebrating the end of their marriages, from personalised cakes to beaming selfies

  • Photos were taken by people from across the globe and collated by Bored Panda
  • Snaps capture how some divorcees have celebrated the end of their marriage
  • It includes cakes, selfies and also unfavourably changing tattoos of ex partners 

The end of the marriage can be a turbulent time, full of bitter recriminations and legal wrangling – but some divorcees see the funny side.

In fact, some ex-spouses are so pleased to be free that they view their divorce as a cause for celebration.

In an online gallery, collated by Bored Panda, people from across the globe shared the amusing ways they marked their split.  

Here, FEMAIL picks out a selection of the most humorous celebrations… 

Over it: An American person is sent a cake labelled ‘Happy Annidivorcery’ from their former partner – with a unicorn on the icing

Yummy! A man, believed to be in the US, is delivered a pizza with a smiley face on it from his ex-wife to mark being divorced for one year

From good to evil: An unidentified person covers their tattoo of their ex partner with a scary-looking devil – complete with pointed teeth and horns 

New registration number, who this?: A woman in Texas changes her number plate to read ‘was his’ after splitting from her partner

Nearly finished: An American beams as he heads to file his divorce paperwork, taking a selfie before the ink is even dry

Happy Birthday? A man, believed to be from America, is gifted with a birthday cake, iced with the words: ‘Sorry about the divorce.’

Not over it: These registration plates, in Indiana, were changed to show just how much one partner still hated their ex 

It’s the simple things: One partner celebrated his split by removing his former partner from his Netflix accounts (pictured)

Not wanting a reminder of their ex partner, this person decided to cover up the tattoo of their face with a Grim Reaper. The image was posted online by an American social media user

Harsh: This homemade cake was created by one ex partner to send to her former lover after a difficult split. It is unclear where the image was taken

Cheeky: A woman celebrates her split by posting a ‘Glad you’re not here!’ card to her ex-partner while on holiday at an undisclosed location

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