Planet of the grapes: Monkey swipes wine from liquor store, gets drunk

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He was drunk as a monk.

A cheeky monkey in India proved that primates possess more human characteristics than some may realize after he entered a liquor store and downed a bottle of wine.

A News Lions video of the boozed-up ape is currently blowing up on the web.

The uproarious 1-minute clip recorded on Wednesday sees a mischievous macaque sitting on the counter of a liquor store in the state of Madhya Pradesh, in Central India, with a bottle of unidentified booze in hand.

The fun-sized wino adeptly unscrews the top using its teeth and hands, at which point the frustrated shop owner attempts to lure the freeloader away with a biscuit

Ignoring the diversionary snack-tics, the thirsty simian proceeds to slurp up the container of hooch with his foot clutching the bottle, while onlookers guffaw in the background.

The clip concludes with the drunken monkey licking traces of giggle juice from its paws like an aardvark on an anthill.

Despite the humorous incident, macaques have proven to be a scourge across the subcontinent, where they’ve been responsible for such mayhem as robbing banks and commandeering office buildings.

In a particularly harrowing incident this past February, a mob of wild monkeys broke into a home in the city of Thanjavur and kidnapped newborn twins — killing one of the 8-day-old girls.

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