Plus-sized and pregnant influencer finally learns to love body from every angle

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A soon-to-be mother has become more comfortable with her body ever since she found out she was pregnant.

Megan Kim, from Oxford, England, is known for her body-positive content, which he felt more encouraged posting after finding out she was going to have a baby.

Now she uploads photos of herself from a variety of angles to help encourage self-love and acceptance.

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“Lil [sic] reminder that it’s completely okay and normal for bodies to look different depending on what you wear or how you pose and so many other factors,” she recently wrote in a caption.

“It’s also okay if you don’t have a flat stomach or you have stretchmarks (old or new).

“We all deserve to feel comfortable and fab in whatever we wanna wear – regardless of our body type.”

Megan revealed that she previously only felt comfortable looking at herself in the mirror when she posed a certain way.

Then she’d "freak out" if she ever saw a photo of herself as she’d look completely different.

“Genuinely one of the biggest things that has helped me accept and be confident in my body has been looking at myself at different angles,” she said.

“I take pictures in all poses, sit in front of the mirror or just hang about in my underwear or naked.

“It’s not a shock anymore and I’m used to my body. Some days I love it some days I’m neutral. It is what it is. Plus it’s changing so much atm I’m just going with the flow lol [sic].

“So here’s me in a load of different angles and poses. Let’s try and normalise looking this way and not be so freaked out at how we look sitting down.”

Megan often finds it hard to not compare herself to others, which is especially true during pregnancy,

The content creator said she’s seen a lot of thinner women show their pregnancy bodies online but she hasn’t seen many people who look like her.

She remembers googling ‘plus-size woman pregnancy’ when she found out she was pregnant so she could see what she might look like later on.

She continued: “Will I have a normal bump? What happens if I don’t have a flat stomach? What am I going to look like? Will I have a B bump or a D bump?

“Sometimes I can feel a bit meh when I see these other woman looking basically the same with these small perfect round bumps and I’m like loool I do not look like that [sic].

“I don’t have a round bump, I’m getting more stretch marks daily, I’ve gained weight everywhere and I’m more spotty then ever (but it’s okay!) [sic].”

The mother-to-be went on to say that sometimes she looks like she’s pregnant and other times she looks like she’s just gained some weight.

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Megan's goal is to show people online that pregnant bodies look different for everyone.

Now that she's a few months into the pregnancy, she's noticed that she's bigger and she seems to be getting new stretch marks every day.

She added: “It’s okay to struggle a bit with a changing body. It’s a lot to take in! I do feel confident most days, but some days I still struggle and that’s okay.”


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