Poundland ditches 'everything's £1' slogan as they change prices across stores

Poundland has ditched their ‘everything’s £1’ slogan – because um, everything isn’t £1 anymore.

Yes, the store where you didn’t need to ask the price is changing.

Rather than just offering everything for £1, items will be priced between 50p and £5 with some special items available for £10.

The store has been selling special deal items outside the normal £1 range since 2017 but this is a wider roll out with more items spread throughout.

75% of things will still be £1 but it means that they can offer a wider range of items, with some needing to be priced lower and some higher than £1 but they still say it will be good value.

The move comes after a successful trial in 24 West Midlands stores but it has now been rolled out across the UK.

They’ve also introduced clothing ‘shop-in-shops’ in around 300 stores and fresh and frozen ranges in five stores in Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

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