Pregnant woman fed up of waiting to give birth puts out plea for ‘bumpy roads’

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  • 09:59, 10 MAY 2019
  • Updated10:04, 10 MAY 2019

A mum-to-be is so keen to give birth as soon as possible that she's put an unusual appeal on Facebook – calling for help identifying bumpy roads.

Ce-jay Entwistle believes this could bring on labour early as she is "fed up" of being pregnant.

She decided to seek the advice of fellow Facebook users to find a way to force her daughter to enter the world, Plymouth Live reports .

The 19-year-old, from Launceston, and partner Zach Hosking, 22, intend to name their daughter Faith Rose Hosking.

Ce-jay said: "I just got told that bumpy roads are meant to help you when you're pregnant.

"I have three days until I'm due and I just posted it a few days ago, on Sunday. I put it on quite a few Facebook pages in the Launceston and Tavistock area.

"I got quite a lot of responses. Some people joked about it, talking about other stuff that might bring on labour such as sex, bouncing on balls. Some people gave me roads to try.

"I've been trying everything I can think of. I'm fed up and want her out now."

The heading on the post she put up read: "Anyone know of any bumpy roads around Launceston please – trying to bring labour on."

It added: "Delete if not allowed but anyone know of any bumpy roads in Launceston?? Trying to bring on (baby emoji) and heard bumpy roads is a good one… just don't know the area too well – can anyone help."

It accompanied a photo of a road with about a dozen potholes filled with water.

Ce-jay and Zach have been together for more than a year and Faith Rose will be their first child.

She said she has already hit the road to give the method a whirl in her green Peugeot 206 and – as well as being impatient – is "very excited" about becoming a mum.

She added: "I tried a few roads but still have quite a few I've not quite tried yet so I'm going to venture to them next."

Advice Ce-jay received included:

  • spicy food and pineapple
  • sex, exercise ball, pineapple
  • raspberry leaf tea or tablets
  • hard laughing
  • clary sage
  • hot curry
  • hot bath and glass of wine.

She was also told to head to Yelverton as "all the roads around there are full of potholes and uneven ground, worth a try" and that "speed bumps on Dunheved or Davidstow airfield".

Someone else suggested: "You need a 4×4 and go off road or a fast sports car that pulls you back in your seat."

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