President Donald Trump Sits For Laura Ingraham Interview As D-Day Ceremony Waits

With the gravestones of fallen WWII heroes visible over his shoulder and gathered veterans waiting for today’s D-Day commemoration ceremony in Normandy to begin, President Donald Trump sat for a live Fox News interview with Laura Ingraham, 15 minutes after the ceremony was supposed to begin.

“French television cameras spotted President Trump sitting down with Fox’s Laura Ingraham – fourteen minutes *after* the ceremony in Normandy was set to begin,” tweeted MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson. “Thousands of people waited as an announcement overhead came on, declaring the program would be delayed until 11:15a.”

See that tweet, and others, below.

Before delivering his speech at the ceremony, Trump lashed out on Fox News at fellow Americans Robert Mueller and Nancy Pelosi, saying the former “made a fool out of himself” and that House Speaker Pelosi “is a disaster.” Trump told Ingraham, “I call her Nervous Nancy.”

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The tone of Trump’s comments was in stark contrast with the solemnity of the occasion, and even with the tone of Trump’s public speech delivered shortly thereafter. CNN’s Jim Acosta said on-air, “One of the reasons why President Trump was delayed, one of the reasons he was late getting here, he was sitting down with a Fox News personality before his speech began.”

Other journalists on the scene noted that French President Emmanuel Macron was a half-hour late to the ceremony, and that Trump was finished with his Fox News interview before Macron arrived and the ceremony could begin.

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