Prince Harry Admitted He Is 'More In Lust Than Love' With Meghan Markle Before Baby Archie

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now proud parents after welcoming their first child, Archie Harrison, last month. The birth came around a year after they tied the knot and things seem to be going great for the young couple. But an old friend of Harry’s never thought the relationship would last after the Duke of Sussex confessed he was “more in lust than love” with the former actress.

Prince Harry’s friend casts doubt on his relationship

Prior to their wedding in May of 2018, Markle allegedly told Harry that he needed to ditch his closest friend, Tom Inskip, because he was not a good influence on him. Inskip had known Harry since they were enrolled at Eton, but that did not stop Harry from giving him the cold shoulder. According to Express, Harry cut ties with Inskip altogether and did not invite him to a recent dinner at Frogmore House.

Although Markle told Harry that Inskip was a bad influence,sources say the real reason she wanted Inskip out was because he questionedtheir relationship. Markle apparently got wind about what Inskip was saying andimmediately made the move to get him out.

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The only reason that Inskip and his wife were invited to theirwedding was because Prince Harry demanded it. If were up to Markle, it soundslike he would never have received an invitation.

“All the poor guy did, during a heart to heart with theprince, was to venture that Harry might be infatuated, more in lust than love,and maybe he might think about cooling things down before rushing into aproposal,” a source dished.

Tom Inskip and Prince Harry reconnect

Despite their fallout, sources claim that Harry and Inskipreconnected after the birth of his son. Harry reportedly called Inskip afterArchie was delivered, and his old school buddy could not have been happierabout the news. An inside source revealed that Inskip has admitted that he waswrong about Markle and that he is happy that their relationship is going great.That said, Inskip doesn’t have any regrets about what he said to Harry.

Things may have turned out differently between Harry and Inskipif Markle had not found out about their discussion. Fortunately, it sounds likeeverything has worked out for the best — at least for Inskip.

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Sources also claim that Harry has lost other friends as a resultof his relationship with the former Suits star. Markle, of course, isnot the only one to blame for what has happened. Harry has undergone a lot ofchanges since he started dating Markle, and now that he is a father, he doesn’thave a desire to hang out with the same crowd.

Meghan Markle takes heat for Prince Harry’s social life

While Harry has given up a lot for Markle, the actress has takenplenty of heat for it. In fact, staff at Kensington Palace reportedly refer toMarkle as “Duchess difficult,” especially when she texts people earlyin the morning. The former actress is also unpopular in many social circles,mostly because people believe she is overly controlling with Harry. Herpersonal assistant resigning last year did not help the rumors.

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Markle is currently on maternity leave and has been spending mostof her days at the couple’s new house, Frogmore Cottage. Markle gave birth toher first child, Archie Harrison, last month. The Duke and Duchess of Sussexconfirmed the exciting news on social media and shared some adorable pics oftheir little one. The royal family has not addressed the rumors surroundingHarry’s circle of friends.

Prince Harry gets disciplined for bad behavior

Amid the rumors about his friends, Harry also received backlash for his behavior during Donald Trump’s recent visit to the UK. Harry made sure that he steered clear of Trump throughout his visit, which sparked rumors that there were tensions between the two men.

Harry was allegedly unhappy with Trump’s previous comments aboutMarkle and made his displeasure known by not taking any photos with thebillionaire.

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In light of Harry’s behavior, inside sources say that Prince Harrywas told to act more like Queen Elizabeth during royal engagements. QueenElizabeth apparently did not like all of the bad press surrounding Trump’svisit and thought the royal family should have been more neutral about thestate visit. Trump spent several days in the UK and Ireland before returninghome.

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