Prince William ‘can’t tolerate’ the way Meghan Markle has treated Kate Middleton

It’s not as though the royal family are strangers to rifts, tension, tell-alls and controversy, but we now have a new duelling pair to ponder about.

Prince William has often seemed rather indifferent to his sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, but now it seems that where there may once have been less-than-warm feelings between them, there is now straight up animosity.

A source close to the Duke of Cambridge claims that he is utterly incensed by the way Meghan Markle has treated his wife, Kate Middleton.

The Duchesses don’t appear to have ever been close, and many put it down to a Britain vs US cultural divide, but now the dislike between them has riled Prince William to the point where sources close to them claim that the relationship may not be salvagable.

The royal insider claims that Prince William feels that Meghan Markle has mistreated his wife from the day they met and that Kate’s attempts to assist and befriend the American actress were “constantly misinterpreted”.

“He feels Kate tried at the beginning, but it was never enough.

“Kate attempted to try and help Meghan understand the responsibilities of royal life, but her efforts were constantly misinterpreted.”

Much of the speculation around what caused the rift between Meghan and Kate centres around tights.

In the lead up to Meghan and Harry’s wedding something went down between the two women, the details of which remain unclear, but most agree that it had something to do with tights and someone ended up in tears.

At the time the press circulated that Meghan had brought Kate to tears, but during her Oprah tell-all interview, Meghan claimed that the opposite had occurred and she was the one sobbing. It now seems that Meghan’s “outing” of Kate on live television has pushed William too far.

“To name Kate so publicly during the Oprah interview as the person who made her cry was beyond the pale,” a senior royal source claims.

“Meghan would have been acutely aware that Kate is powerless to fight back.

“William thinks the way she has been treated is unfair.”

Speculation that William is not overly fond of Meghan dates back to well before the Oprah interview and even pre-dates “tights-gate”.

“Catherine and William were very circumspect from the beginning about Meghan, which hurt and incensed Harry,” a friend of William and Kate told Tatler last year. “William rightly cautioned Harry to slow the relationship down. That’s why they all fell out. As the rift got deeper between the brothers, Kate, who used to be so close to Harry, tried to pacify things. But her loyalty will always be to William.”

When Meghan officially married into the royal family, William’s dislike of her is said to have continued to simmer away, causing more tension.

“William soon began to wonder about some of Meghan’s traits and motivations,” a senior source told the Mail Online.

“He was worried that at times she seemed to be more concerned about her personal progression or profile over the wider goals and aims of the royal family.

“But he largely kept any reservations to himself as he desperately wanted her to be happy and appreciated the huge adjustment of entering the royal family.”

Then there was Megxit.

“Following Megxit though, everything changed,” the source explained.

“He could no longer hide his true feelings because he felt like she had publicly attempted to disrespect his family and the Queen.”

It seems that William will continue to side with his wife and the rest of the UK-based royals while the rift between himself and his brother Harry continues to widen. It may be a very long time before the once-close brothers are able to reconcile, especially when the relationship between their wives continues to be acrimonious.

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