Princess Charlene isolated at Monaco F1 despite her husbands presence – claim

Princess Charlene of Monaco 'taken on' too much says expert

Charlene, Princess of Monaco and Prince Albert have been married for almost 12 years and share two young children together – Gabriella and Jacques.

But despite their lengthy relationship which blossomed 23 years ago, it appears that the couple have grown apart based on their recent body language.

According to Judi James, who is an expert in all things royal mannerisms, Charlene and Albert interact very differently now from how they did early on in their marriage.

Pointing out that a noticeable rift has been apparent between the two since around 2017, the body language specialist revealed that their most recent appearance at the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo shows the same tension.

In fact, Judi claimed that Princess Charlene appeared “isolated” and “unreactive” to her husband throughout the race and at the Gala Dinner they attended on May 28, 2023.

The royal’s arrived together and stood side by side while singing the National Anthem just minutes before the race commenced.

But while the proud occasion should have united the pair – who were joined by Monaco-born racer Charles Leclerc, the couple looked visibly divided.

Speaking exclusively to, Judi said: “It might be normal for Charlene to stand to attention during the playing of the national anthem here but her pose afterwards makes her look rigid, isolated and doll-like.”

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While the Princess of Monaco looked stylish and composed in a floor-length silk gown, her stance made fans and onlookers question her relationship with her husband.

Judi said: “Charlene’s shoulders and her hand positioning suggest tension and, while Prince Albert seems to dance attendance around her, she doesn’t seem to react to her surroundings or him in these poses.”

Fans of the royal took to Twitter to share their reaction to the standoffish aura between the pair, with one person commenting: “Prince Albert and Princess Charlene just don’t get on, do they? She looks so tired, not only unhappy.”

Another added: “Princess Charlene looks like she does not want to be there.”

It wasn’t just Charlene’s decorum that suggested a division between the Monégasque royals. Judi claimed that Albert’s demeanour was also significant.

She explained: “Albert’s gesticulation makes him look cautious and protective. At one point he seems to walk behind her with his arms held out as though worried she might trip or lose her balance.

“In another pose, he has one hand held out behind her in an ushering gesture and when he just stands behind her with his hands clasped in front of his torso his mouth is pulled right down at the corners, suggesting sadness, while his eye gaze looks reflective.”

The event was one of just a handful of public engagements Charlene has attended since returning to her official duties in 2022, following an extended period of absence in South Africa and then in Switzerland as she recovered from “exhaustion”.

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