Princess Diana Had a Hilarious Secret Talent with Dead-On Impressions

It’s no secret that Princess Diana felt extremely isolated and controlled within the British royal family. She and Prince Charles were vastly different people and though they may have been optimistic about their marriage in the early days, by the late-1980s they had both very much checked out.

Though the princess was terribly unhappy in her marriage and within the confines of the royal family, she was determined to find happiness for herself and for her sons Prince William and Prince Harry. The princess was vivacious and full of life, often playing with her sons and taking them on one adventure or another.

She thought carefully about their birthday and holiday gifts and she had a ton of fun within the confines of the palace. In fact, one of her hidden talents as an impersonator often left people in a fit of giggles.

Princess Diana loved telling jokes

While British royal life wasn’t exactly what she expected, the princess tried to keep things light with her humor and wit. “She had a great sense of humor and was very good at remembering jokes,” royal photographer Jayne Fincher told Daily Mail. “She always had a joke up her sleeve and she used to tell quite a few dirty ones. She had a really funny laugh too, it came right from her stomach. Once she saw something funny she was off — that was quite incredible at the time, because royals did not do that.”

Since the princess often did what “royals didn’t do” she was even more enamored by everyday people, earning her beloved nickname as The People’s Princess.

Princess Diana was extremely playful

When her dear friend and fourth cousin, Sarah, Duchess of York joined the royal family in 1986, the princess had a kindred spirit by her side for the first time since she’d married Prince Charles in 1981. The evening of the Duchess of York’s bachelorette party, the women dressed up as policewoman and were nearly arrested when officers didn’t recognize them.

They were often called out for their carefree attitudes during former royal events. The women were chastised in the media for poking their friend Lulu Blacker in the butt with their umbrellas at Ascot. Prince Charles once scolded them both for playfighting during a photo opp at Klosters

Once, they even went joyriding in the Queen Mother’s Daimler while they were visiting the queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland.

Princess Diana was an incredible impersonator

In addition to her love of mischief, fun, and jokes, Princess Diana also had a delightful hidden talent as an impersonator.

“Apparently, Diana is a terrific mimic, not unlike the late Jacqueline [Kennedy] Onassis,” reporter Cathy Horyn wrote in Vanity Fair in 1997. “[Marguerite]Littman says she’s been told by friends that Diana does a dead-on imitation of her Louisiana drawl, which is as slow as Karo syrup. I tried to get her to do it for me, but she wouldn’t.”

Marguerite Littman was a close friend of the princess’ who founded the AIDS Crisis Trust. She had her own memories of her friend’s knack for impersonations. “[She’s] really funny. I told her she brings oxygen into the room,” she explained. “Most people take it out. But she brings it out.”

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