Queen Elizabeth Allowed Princess Diana To Humiliate Prince Charles One Final Time After Their Nasty Split

Princess Diana humiliated Prince Charles one last time prior to their divorce in 1996. In a new biography of the Prince of Wales, titled The Untold Story, author Ross Benson claims that Diana went against Charles’ wishes and attended a State banquet at Buckingham Palace just to embarrass him. While Queen Elizabeth had the authority to stop Diana, she allowed her to go without incident.

Queen Elizabeth allows Princess Diana to humiliate Prince Charles

Once Diana left Charles, she was not expected to attend anyfuture royal engagements. Charles allegedly went so far as to ban Diana fromroyal events, including a State banquet that was held in honor of Portugal’spresident, Mario Soares, in 1993. In light of the ban, Charles did not expectDiana to appear at the dinner and was completely caught off guard when sheshowed up.

Prior to the banquet, Benson claims that Diana called Queen Elizabeth to inform her of her intentions. Elizabeth knew that Princess Diana’s presence would humiliate her son because of their recent split, but she allowed Diana to go anyway.

According to Express,Elizabeth was the only person who could enforce the ban and prevent Diana frommaking an appearance. But instead of saving Charles some embarrassment,Elizabeth stepped aside and caved to Diana’s demands.

Why didn’t Queen Elizabeth stop Princess Diana?

Benson says that Diana called Her Majesty out of the blue and told her that she was going to the banquet. It is unclear why Elizabeth did not stop Diana, but Benson claims that it was because she was frightened of her daughter-in-law. More specifically, Elizabeth was afraid of Diana’s influence over her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, and did not want to step on her toes.

Elizabeth reportedly thought that Princess Diana held power overthe future of the monarchy. With that in mind, she did not want to stand up toDiana and push her away — even at the expense of her own son. This is whyElizabeth allowed Diana to attend the banquet.

During the dinner, Diana made her presence known and stood rightat Charles’ side, which completely humiliated him. At the end of the day, themove made it clear that Diana had out played everyone, including the queen.

Princess Diana makes amends after the divorce

Although Diana wanted Charles to pay for what happened, insidesources say that their relationship improved once their divorce was settled.Without the stress of marriage weighing them down, sources claim that Charlesand Diana made good friends and enjoyed a healthy relationship in her finaldays.

This is reportedly why Charles was present to transport Diana’sbody following her tragic accident in Paris. He also made sure she was treatedwith the utmost respect in the days leading up to the funeral.

Charles and Princess Diana were married for over a decade beforetheir split in 1992. The couple, however, had experienced numerous problemswell before that. One of their issues was that they were poorly matched tostart. It didn’t help that Charles had an affair with his longtime lover andfuture wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, during their marriage. Fortunately, itsounds like they made amends after the divorce and had some good years before herpassing.

Queen Elizabeth honors Princess Diana

As far as Queen Elizabeth is concerned, it is clear that PrincessDiana held a special place in her heart. In the days following Diana’s tragicdeath, Elizabeth withdrew the flag at Buckingham Palace and later flew it athalf-mast out of respect for her funeral. The move was completely against royalprotocols, which state that the flag should never be flown at half-mast.

Queen Elizabeth also went against the rules when she flewCharles, William, and Harry back to the country to attend Princess Diana’sfuneral. All three of them rode in the same airplane, which is against royalprotocols. Heirs to the throne are not supposed to fly together as an accidentcould wipe them all out in one fell swoop.

Charles has not responded to the claims in Benson’s book. 

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