Residents uproar about how early to let kids outside after children play at 6am

A resident caused quite the stir on their estate after threatening to call the council over ‘nuisance’ toddlers playing out as early as 6.45am.

But instead of the support they were expecting, the complaint was hit by a storm of anger and sarcastic comments.

Responders claimed the sound of children playing is natural – and insisted it's better for them to be outdoors than stuck indoors.

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According to Hull Live, the original post reads: "Anyone else have neighbours that let their twin toddlers out from between 6.45 am-8 am every single morning? I completely appreciate it's the summer holidays (been there, done that) but there are neighbours who work shift patterns.

"Yes, I've tried knocking on their door but had no answer. I wouldn't be so bad if it was every now and then or even after 9am but before 8 m every morning is getting silly now.

"I will be knocking on their door again at some point today and if still no luck, I'll be calling the council."

One woman sarcastically wrote: "Oh no, the absolute audacity of children out playing and having fun.

"They should be locked up inside for when you’re ready to get up. I’m sure the council would love to hear this story, definitely call them"

A man added: "As a parent of twin toddlers and on behalf of all twin parents, I kindly ask you to do one. if only you knew what we have to do and go through daily."

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Another person said: "Wow, wear earplugs or something. Why should the rest of the world stop because you are working shifts? Good on the mum for having her twins out playing and I feel sorry for her having you as a neighbour."

While another person said: "I'll swap you for my neighbour who thinks it's funny to put used sanitary towels over the fence and laugh when I try and take it off the dog."

However, some neighbours did add that they would never let their children out before 9am to be considerate to others.

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In support, one woman wrote: "Totally agree with you. I’ve had two boys one of who is disabled. I never let my boys out to play before 9am. It’s called thinking of others that no one appears to do anymore. Good luck."

Another supportive post read: "I totally get the person's post, you have children… how great for you. But that’s a decision that person made.

"That person works shift patterns and needs to rest. Everyone in this post is just triggered as they have children. Think about it from the other side."

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