Sam Faiers and Ferne McCanns rocky friendship from TV show rivalry to vile voice notes

Ferne McCann and Sam Faiers have been pals for years, having known each other since they were young and as they were both launched into the limelight on TOWIE.

The pair infamously fell out in 2017 amid reports of a rivalry over their ITV shows showcasing their pregnancies and family life.

Although the duo seemed to have mended things, with Ferne remaining close to Sam's sister Billie, the friendship now appears to have taken another turn.

Billie and Sam's mum Suzie Wells has accused Ferne of launching a "vile" attack on her daughter after leaked voice notes appeared online. Suzie has claimed to have been left "hurt and upset" for "a few days" after her discovery.

Posting on Instagram, Suzie told fans she could "no longer sit back and say nothing".

The star told fans that a clip has been shared on social media, adding: "This has come as a complete shock to myself and my family.

"Ferne has always been a very close family member to all of us over the past 20 years. It appears the voice note was sent just weeks after Samantha gave birth back in May."

TV show rivalry

In 2017, Ferne and Sam fell out amid reports of a rivalry between their ITV shows, First Time Mum and The Mummy Diaries.

A source previously told The Sun: "Sam felt like Ferne was trying to emulate her success by launching a rival programme – and it made things awkward between them.

"Ferne was never going to turn down the show as it was an opportunity for her to make money for Sunday but without Sam's support the breakdown of their friendship was inevitable."

The row intensified after Sam announced her daughter Rosie's baby name on the day Ferne's show launched.

Mum-of-one Ferne later addressed the feud, insisting things were on the mend.

"We fell out because I went ahead and filmed for this show," she explained. "After the year I've had, I haven't got the energy to entertain feuds. I just want positivity around me."

Sam also spoke out, saying they hadn't been close for a while.

She told the Mirror: "Over quite a long period of time, we haven't seen eye to eye on a number of things. We've drifted apart from each other. We've grown up and grown apart but there's no major feud."

Relationship warning

Ferne was forced to deny that Sam had ended their 19-year-long friendship over her former boyfriend Arthur Collins.

Arthur was sentenced to 20 years behind bars in 2017 after carrying out an acid attack at a London nightclub which left sixteen people with chemical burn injuries and temporarily blinded three others.

It was claimed that Sam ended her friendship with Ferne after she "warned Ferne off Arthur".

Hitting back at the claims, Ferne told MailOnline: "I was hearing that she warned me off Arthur. That is completely untrue and you're hearing it from the horse's mouth.

"Sam Faiers never met Arthur. After the incident, she was at my birthday and I don't know. There's absolutely no truth in that.

"The reason as far as I'm concerned is that she fell out with me is because I decided to take this show. We had like 15 years of friendship, my first baby is one week apart from her baby and it can still be lovely and all I'll say is it's a terrible shame."

She added: "We're all going to Ibiza for Billie's hen do… I haven't done anything wrong (to Sam) to worry about being there. To make this clear. Sam fell out with me. I haven't done anything wrong but take the show and of course I was going to take it."

Mending things

The pair seemingly rekindled their friendship for the sake of Billie's four-day Ibiza hen do in 2018.

Since then, the pair have supported each other throughout multiple milestones in their life, including birthday celebrations and holidays.

Sam additionally made an appearance on Ferne's ITV show during season 5.


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