Savvy driver cuts energy bills to almost £0 – and its because of electric car

The costs of living crisis continues to be a problem in the UK with energy bills set to hit almost £3,000 in autumn.

Many Brits will be looking at many cheap alternatives to help them get through the rising costs.

Now one man has revealed how he managed to cut his energy bills to almost zero.

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Paul Kershaw started selling power back from his electric car to National Grid, helping him save loads of money.

The 51-year-old charged his vehicle using cheap off-peak energy, then sold it back at peak times for profit.

By doing this, Paul was able to make enough money to cover the cost of his rising energy bills.

He said: "It has cut my energy bills almost to zero.

"It's taking away a lot of the anxiety about bills going up by 300%. Last year I paid £7.50 for electricity per month."

Paul made the saving by taking part in a "vehicle to grid" trial between energy firm Ovo and software company Kaluza.

The scheme works because electric cars are basically a "massive battery on wheels" which Paul says can store power.

While he doesn't use his car much, it means his car's battery is storing power he doesn't need.

He added: "I only drive a couple of miles a day, and the rest of the time it's just sitting there on the driveway, depreciating in value."

Paul plugs his Nissan Leaf to charge up during off-peak times and the Kaluza app helps him figure out how much energy is needed.

Then the power was sold back to National Grid when it most needs it, and when it's more expensive.

Paul averaged around £93 a month charging his car, but made £164 selling it back to the grid.

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But not every electric car driver will be able to do the same.

Selling electric car power back to the grid requires a special charging box to be installed at your house.

Ovo did this for free for Paul and let him keep the box.

Around 330 drivers took part in the two-year trial.

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