Self-proclaimed hot dad on the school run gets brutal reality check from mums

A man who claims to get attention from single mums during the chaos of the school run was brutally shut down by other parents.

Rob Warford shared a cheeky video claiming he is "the hot dad on the school run" implying he receives lots of attention from other parents.

Unfortunately, for the confident bloke, his claims were not supported by women on the school run as they rushed to the comments to deliver a harsh truth.

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Responding to Rob's video under the TikTok username @warfordd, one mum wrote: "As a school run mum, I'm sorry to say, we're not looking, we've got at least 5 other things running through our minds when dropping the kids off!"

Another agreed: "The school run is the last place anyone looks. After wrestling kids out of the door, all we do is wanna sling them through the gates and go to work."

A third commented: "Nah we’re not, but we’re probably all having a good giggle about it while saying how to fit one of the teachers is instead."

However, the bloke tried to argue his case in the comments as he said: "Some of you mummas be thirsty."

But other users didn't seem to know whether they should be praising him for his confidence or experiencing second-hand embarrassment for him.

One TikTok user said: "The self-proclaimed confidence is loud."

Another argued: "I’m so embarrassed."

People started mocking him for the comments he received as they noticed he didn't get the response he expected it to.

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One user wrote: "This didn't turn out the way you thought it would, did it?" someone asked.

But one responder did come to his defence, writing: "I watched this and was like 'I really recognise him' then realised our boys used to go to the same school – glad you’re still the 'hot dad'."


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