Six gifts are hiding in Christmas puzzle – the record is 90 seconds to solve it

Think you've got enough patience to complete a Christmas brainteaser this year?

Well if the answer is yes, then we've got just the puzzle for you to conquer with your family and friends.

The interior experts at Furniturebox have created a festive brainteaser to kick off the build-up to Christmas.

Basically Santa is in a rush to deliver all the presents and with the help from his little helpers, the job is almost done.

But wait, there's a problem… the gifts came down the chimney, scattering all over the floor.

Among the furniture and decorations, six presents need to be found. So can you do it?

The average puzzler takes 90 seconds to solve this Christmas conundrum – how long will it take you?

Here's a hint, try warming your toes by the fire.

Speaking about the brainteaser, co-founders Dan Beckles and Montague George said: "Last Christmas just wasn't the same.

"This year the festivities are back. I can only begin to imagine the chaos I've invited into my house.

They added: "Nieces, nephews, uncles, and aunts, my door is open for a truly festive banquet.

"I only hope the turkey (and nut roast) is big enough.

"So in the spirit of a classic family Christmas, we wanted to create a fun game for the kids and adults."

If you're really struggling, don't worry you can just scroll down to find the missing presents.

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