Sophia Grace's Biggest Moments of 2022: From Ellen's Farewell to Her Pregnancy Announcement

The year began with a return to TV … and ended with a gender reveal!

Sophia Grace Brownlee stepped back into the limelight in a big way this year.

While the internet star didn’t exactly disappear in the 11 years since she and her cousin Rosie McCelland blew up big on “The Ellen Show” back in 2011, she made headlines more than ever before thanks to a major development in her personal life.

This year also found her returning to her roots as she helped Ellen DeGeneres say goodbye to her long standing reign on daytime television.

Here’s everything that went down with Sophia Grace in 2022.

Sophia Grace and Rosie Return to “The Ellen Show”

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As Ellen DeGeneres continued to wind down her eponymous talk show after 19 years, Sophia Grace and Rosie McCelland returned to the series that really blew up their careers on May 12.

The duo became global sensations after they performed “Super Bass” on the same stage together way back in 2011. 11 years later, they were almost unrecognizable from their pint-sized selves when they entered the studio as grown-up teens. The pair paid homage to the fluffy princess-like tutus they rocked back in the day by wearing more toned-down, sophisticated versions for the appearance.

After a montage of some of their greatest hits on the show, Rosie shared that her favorite moment from their whirlwind time in the spotlight was when Justin Bieber kissed her on the cheek during the Kids Choice Awards — even though at the time she admitted she was thinking, “Ew, a boy.”

“Now, I’m like, oh my god, I’d let Justin Bieber kiss me on the cheek again,” she added with a huge grin. For Sophia Grace, it was both the opportunity to meet Drake on a red carpet, as well as the moment on the show when Ellen surprised them with Nicki herself for a live performance of “Super Bass.”

Sophia Clarifies Her Relationship With Rosie

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On July 29, the 19-year-old internet personality posted a video to her YouTube channel in which she addressed a small handful of things fans have speculated or wondered about — including what her relationship with her cousin Rosie has been like after all these years. In her video, Sophia Grace said she gets asked about Rosie often, noting that there were “so many” questions and assumptions fans have made about their relationship now — with some speculating that they aren’t “as close” or “don’t get along.”

The pop singer put any speculation to rest, explaining, “Me and Rosie have always been really close. We’ve been like sisters literally since she was born. So if you didn’t know, my dad is Rosie’s mom’s brother. So we are like first cousin[s] and yeah, I mean obviously when me and Rosie used to be in America together filming ‘The Ellen Show,’ we would obviously be with each other, like every single day.”

Sophia Reveals She’s Pregnant With Her First Child

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The YouTuber shocked everyone when, in a video on October 22, she revealed she’s pregnant and expecting her first child.

“Hi everyone. Welcome back to my channel. So, as you can see, from today’s video, it is a little bit different from my usual videos because I am here to tell you guys that I am pregnant!” she began, while surrounded by pale pink and blue balloons. Brownlee revealed that she was 21 weeks along in her pregnancy at the time of her reveal.

“So, currently I am 21 weeks. I just turned 21 weeks today,” she said. “The baby is currently the size of a banana … if you’d prefer to say months then I’m five months, so I only have four months left to go. I’ve already done, practically more than halfway.”

The Essex native then opened up about her pregnancy journey, sharing that the first thing she did was an at-home early baby gender test when she was eight weeks along. She confessed that she was initially “nervous,” but ultimately the experience was “really really exciting” and “so fun.”

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Sophia Responds to Criticism She’s Too Young To Have a Baby

Sophia Grace later hit back at people who weren’t shy in sharing their opinions about her age and life choices following her pregnancy reveal. She acknowledged that 19 is young, telling E! News that “most people are like, ‘You should have babies when you’re 30 and you’re married and you live in your own house,’ which is completely fine.”

But she pointed out that wasn’t necessarily the right path for everyone. “As long as you feel ready and it’s something that you’re happy about, then it’s really no one else’s problem,” she said.

She has so far kept the baby’s father a secret, but said they have been dating for two years and added that, while they were “shocked” by the news too, they were also “both really happy about it.” She also said she believes “he’ll be a really great dad.”

Sophia Grace Reveals She’s Having a Boy

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In November, Brownlee did a gender reveal by sharing a cake-cutting video to her YouTube page.

In the footage, she into a cake with a blue surprise center, a “classic gender-reveal balloon” filled with blue confetti and a confetti cannon. The Teen Choice Award-winner admitted she had instinctively known she would be having a boy and “wasn’t shocked” when the news was confirmed by the doctors.

“I just felt from the start that I was going to be a boy mom, and I was going to have a boy, so when I found out, I wasn’t shocked,” she said. “Either way, I was going to be happy because I didn’t mind if it was a boy or a girl.”

Brownlee will certainly have an exciting 2023, as her baby is due next year.

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