Spoilers: Will Mackenzie die and will Chloe lose her baby in Neighbours?

It’s a tense and frightening week for some in Neighbours as several locals will find their lives at risk as a hostage situation sweeps through Erinsborough High. And those not caught up in the school danger aren’t safe either.

A hostage situation takes over the school leaving Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) desperately trying to save her friends. But she fails to save Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), who falls victim. Will a cruel twist of fate mean Mackenzie dies having only just had the gender confirmation she so badly wanted?

Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) could be set for the most painful heartbreak when she experiences a sudden pain and knows something is very wrong – is she about to lose her baby?

Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is on the cusp of finding himself in a very dangerous situation when he toys with the idea of fulfilling a Fandangle request. What is he walking into?

Levi (Richie Morris) suffers another seizure and realises he has to come clean about his health. Will his family understand? Will he lose his job??

Elsewhere, Hendrix (Benny Turland) decides to come clean about the big secret and things look rockier for the Rebecchi’s when Shane returns unexpectedly from getting help for his addiction.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Chloe loses her baby?

Chloe is stressed to the hilt with Pierce’s suggestions of moving away from Ramsay Street, so Nicolette tries to calm her down. But as she does, Chloe makes a shocking confession.

In an attempt to calm her down, Nicolette takes her for a walk where Chloe begins to breathe again and realises she does love Pierce and is excited for their future. But disaster strikes. She’s hit with a sudden shooting pain and is forced to her knees. She makes desperate call to Pierce…something is wrong with the baby. Is she about to lose it?

Dipi’s shock as Shane returns

Shane is meant to be away getting help, so Dipi is horrified and angry when he comes walking through the door having discharged himself. He can’t be taking his recovery – or their marriage – seriously if he thinks he’s ready to come home. Susan helps her see that Shane needs to find his own recovery path and Dipi realises he’s trying to prove himself to his family. He has one chance or he’s out. But a mishap at Harold’s might just put everything at risk.

Levi comes clean

Levi suffers a seizure and it’s Bea, Sheila and Kyle who find him. His secret is about to come out – as the seizure passes and his concerned loved ones don’t fully understand what’s happening he’s forced to admit he never grew out of them. Sheila, for one, is devastated. Now that everyone knows the truth he and Bea can finally end their charade. But he still has to confess – he needs to tell the police before Dax does.

Ned’s walking into trouble

Ned gets an offer he can’t refuse – more money than he could ever dream of from a Fandangle request. It would solve all his financial problems and then he could ditch the seedy site. He has to consider it. But is he about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life?

Hendrix blabs

Hendrix’s guilty conscience is piqued as he realises Rose really doesn’t care what happens as a consequence of her actions. He decides he needs to tell Toadie the truth and finally just comes out with it. Shocked, Toadie goes straight to Rose to get her version of things. He’s not daft and sees straight through her attempts to cover, and she finds herself on the receiving end of a firing. Toadie has had enough betrayal in his life. But Karl wonders if she’s telling the truth about her ex…

Mackenzie dies in hostage situation?

When Yashvi goes to the school in the hope of luring out the drug dealer, she gets more than she bargains for – Dax armed with a taser. He uses his weapon to take Susan, Mackenzie and Richie hostage. But things take a turn when Mackenzie collapses on the floor with her life in grave danger – the teen is still recovering from her gender confirmation surgery and she suddenly falls into cardiac arrest. Susan is left to try and save her, can she do it?

Scenes air from Monday 28th September on Channel 5.

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