Stranger asks OnlyFans star to marry him with £8k, but it took the romance out

A stranger asked an OnlyFans model to marry him – and sent her over £8,000 along with the marriage proposal.

Kerolay Chaves, 21, received a transfer of $10,000 (£8,932.75) together with a very important message.

According to the influencer, she received a notification on her mobile phone notifying her of a PayPal transfer, but the contact was unknown.

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When the model opened the message, there was a very important question waiting to be read.

A mysterious bloke wrote: "Will you marry me?"

"I thought that was crazy [laughs]," said Kerolay. "But I didn't accept the request, of course. It's not something I'm looking for right now.

"If the person wanted to get my attention, they succeeded."

Kerolay has been well-known on OnlyFans for quite some time.

The beauty previously spoke out about how she believes she's the "last virgin on the app" when she opened up about surgery to repair her hymen.

Then she discussed foot fetishes as subscribers were said to be paying a fortune to view snaps of her toes.

At the time, she said: "I get a lot of requests for pictures of my feet.

"But there are a lot of messages! At first I was a little scared [laughs], then I found it curious and I understood that it is a fetish."

Now it turns out people are interested in a lot more than her toes, as a marriage proposal landed in her inbox.

Even though she was flattered by the offer, she said the admirer went about things the wrong way.

It seems it will take more than a simple text to sweep her off her feet, as Kerolay is someone who likes tradition and romance.

The model refused the proposal, and refunded the amount without hesitation.

She said: "Although I find it funny and creative, I think it takes some of the magic out of the romance, you know?

"Whether it's with a diamond ring, or at a dinner party at home, the marriage proposal has to happen 'eye to eye.'"


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