Strawberry Twirl chocolate arrives in UK – but Brits are shocked at price

Twirl has released a fruity new chocolate flavour in the UK.

Cadbury lovers will be delighted with the news, as the sweet treat has finally made its way to Britain. Twirl Bites, which are popular in Australia due to the unique flavour combinations, are now available for Brits to try.

There's only one slight drawback – people are saying the choccies are quite expensive. Some shoppers were quick to comment on the price tag after spotting them at discount store chain B&M.

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According to The Sun, the chocolate comes in at £2.99 ($A5.68) for a 110g bag, which is considerably more expensive than the original Twirl Bites which usually cost around £1.50, or £2 at the most in some shops. Meanwhile, over in Australia, you can pick up a 140g bag for $5.

Some are claiming the price "was not worth it", while another added: "£3? They would be getting put straight back."

Meanwhile, a third chirped in: "Sounds nice but not for three quid."

People have been left torn over the price, but many are delighted the fruity treats are available to try. There were others who seemed disappointed with the new products, claiming the strawberry-flavoured option carries an "artificial" taste.

Even though the treats are now up for grabs in the UK, the chocolates are not part of an official UK launch by Cadbury. The company admitted it doesn't specifically sell them in the UK, and has no plans to roll them out across supermarkets nationwide.

At the moment it appears they are only available at B&M stores where customers can pick up strawberry and Caramilk flavours. It's not confirmed when they first started being sold at the store.

The new flavours arrived after Cadbury mixed things up a little with their product lines. Recently shoppers were shocked to find normal-sized Twirls in party packs known as "Heroes", but there's a reason why it happened.

The brand confirmed the UK would see a shake up in regards to the sizes of the chocolate bar. It was noted mini versions of Twirl bars would no longer be available on the run up to Christmas as a result of supply chain issues.

A spokesperson said: "To ensure we can continue to bring our loyal consumers the products they know and love, we have temporarily substituted bite-size Cadbury Twirl in Heroes Tubs, to the slightly larger Cadbury Twirl 21g. Rest-assured consumers can enjoy the same amount of chocolate as before with the overall weight of the product remaining the same."

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