Tall 6ft mum who felt objectified by men now makes fortune from sexy legs pics

A 6ft 3ins woman earning a fortune on OnlyFans has claimed she's often "objectified by creepy men".

Lizzy Groombridge, 28, from Cornwall, was in the top 1% of creators on the site thanks to her long legs.

She was nicknamed "Lizzy Long Legs" as she used to spend up to 12 hours a day taking raunchy images and videos.

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But after becoming addicted to the site and uploading more explicit content, she felt like she was attracting a lot of weirdos.

Now after two years she decided it was no longer "empowering" and removed her risqué snaps to focus on her "tall niche".

Lizzy suffered with negative body image growing up and was bullied at school by trolls who called her "lanky beanpole".

She started OnlyFans to gain confidence, initially posting tame photos before branching out to pornographic material.

It wasn't long before it took a toll on her mental health and has since decided to revert to only showing off her legs.

The mum-of-three, from Cornwall, joined OnlyFans in November 2020 as a way of making an extra income.

She said: "I felt objectified by creepy men. They would send constant messages like 'I'm really horny show me something now'."

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Lizzy added: "It made me feel horrible. I started uploading less explicit content of me wearing tights again.

"Men would ask me to mock their height and would worship me for being tall. Back then I enjoyed it, I felt empowered, it felt good.

"I hit the market at the right time, there wasn't as many people doing it."

She gained a new sense of self-confidence after years of hating her tall statures.

For the first seven months, Lizzy felt liberate and quickly became one of the most in demand people on the site.

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But as her OnlyFans became more popular, she "felt the pressure" to make more explicit content to keep up.

She earned at least £2,000 a month but it wasn't worth it when her mental health started spiralling.

Lizzy wants other women on the platform to know "it's never too late to get out".

She added: "Sexually objectifying myself on social media became addictive and I was in denial. I was financially consumed by it.

"If you're a drug addict or an alcoholic there is an exit plan, you can get rehabilitated."

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The mum felt she had to move away from her niche to compete and started posting racier content with her ex.

"I would socially isolate myself because I felt ashamed. It made me feel dirty," she admitted.

"My whole personality became OnlyFans. No one should be shunned in society."

Now she's removed all her explicit content and only uploads snaps from her height niche.

Lizzy has now removed all her explicit content and plans to use the platform purely to profit from her height niche.

Her next goal is to empower other women and coach them one-on-one to help guide them out of the sex industry.

Since being single she has tried dating but struggles to shake her OnlyFans association.

She said: "I've tried dating and I continue to be objectified. I feel like I'm never going to get past it.

"They fob me off and see me as a conquest, not 'wife' material."

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