Tan France on ‘Dressing Funny’ and embarrassing fashion flubs

“Queer Eye” star Tan France has a hilarious new gig.

On Netflix’s new web series “Dressing Funny,” the 36-year-old fashion expert helps comedians like John Mulaney, Nick Kroll and Tina Fey step up their style. It’s a fitting concept, considering France already has ties to the comic community — Pete Davidson, who appears in an upcoming episode, is a close friend — and the fact that fashion’s looking particularly playful right now.

“I do love how tongue-in-cheek so much of the streetwear styles are these days,” France told Page Six Style. “The funniest trend was the Crocs/rubber shoes trend. I found it laughable that anyone would ever feel stylish or comfortable in those horrors. Rubber shoes? There’s no way that’s going to have anyone’s feet smelling anything but swampy.”

That didn’t stop Balenciaga’s take on the polarizing clogs from landing in the Metropolitan Museum’s “Camp: Notes on Fashion” exhibit, a celebration of the industry’s love affair with all things outrageous and over-the-top. And although France wasn’t physically present at the Met Gala in May, he did wind up starring in his very own meme that evening.

“It said, ‘To all the basic men at the Met Gala who didn’t embrace the theme,’ and then a screenshot of me saying ‘Make an effort,’ and they’d Photoshopped a pointed gun in my hand,” he recalled.

But underdressing at the Met is far from the most embarrassing style mishap France has witnessed. “I recently heard a story from a famous friend — no, I won’t say who — who was sat at a table at a fancy event, leaning over to eat her soup, when her straps to her dress snapped off and the front of her dress fell down, revealing her naked, ample bosom,” the fashion whiz said. “And one of her breasts had fallen in her soup!”

Below, watch the latest episode of “Dressing Funny,” starring Ali Wong:

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