Teenager ‘humiliated’ after work sent her home because her skirt was ‘too short’

A teenager says she was told that her skirt was 'too short' for work and she should go home and change.

Lillie Cattell has been working at a placement at Warwick Estates, a property management company in Harlow, for 11 months.

But last week she was taken to one side by a colleague, reports Essex Live.

The 18-year-old says she was told by a staff member from Human Resources that her outfit was 'unsuitable'.

Lillie said: "She told me what I was wearing was unsuitable and sent me home to change, I had frustration and anger building up inside me because I had worn the same outfit a number of times before.

"I just said okay and walked off."

Lillie, who says her parents would say 'she dressed smart', added: "I was full of embarrassment I had to log off and get my bags and explain to my manager why I was leaving.

"When I got in my car I was having a panic attack, I couldn't breathe.

"On my way home I had to pull over on the A414 because I was hysterically crying, my dad came to pick me up.

"I just feel humiliated, My dad told me I should put in a formal complaint, so I did.

"There was no sympathy or anything, I have had no contact with my manager or director.

"I am on a low wage anyway and they expected me to make a 40-minute journey home to change, that is petrol I would have had to pay for.

"I want to do well and take every opportunity that is given to me but I feel like I can't.

"I just feel like I can't win.

Lillie, from Hoddesdon, says she got offered to attend an informal meeting to discuss the situation but she declined and said she felt like she was being 'treated like a child'.

She was due to leave the company on September 4, after handing in her notice on August 5, and said she wanted to leave now because of the incident.

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