The 10 Most Expensive Skateboards In The World

Since the late 90s, Skateboarding has become a prevalent activity amongst many individuals, as many find it thrilling. Despite being stressful and requiring some skill, many young people find skating exciting. However, the fun-loving activity has also increased the demand for skateboards globally. Like automobiles, skateboards vary in price. Today, skateboard prices vary and can be as cheap as $60. Alternatively, some skateboards are considered luxury items, costing up to $40,000. However, listed below are the top ten most expensive skateboards in the World today.

10 Versace Home Painted Skateboard ($875)

This Creter de Fluer print Versace skateboard is 100% wooden and features a 90s Versace vintage logo. Its design is classy and portrays heritage elements on it. According to Versace, it could feature as home decor when not in use. They also believe that the skateboard could end up as part of an antique collection of a pro skateboarder. It is available for purchase on Versace’s website, and one would fork out $795 to cop this beauty.


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9 Exkate – X-24 ($1,186)

The Exkate X-24 is a technology-driven piece different from the regular manual sports apparel. It is an innovative piece that affords skateboarders an added level of ease via its electric transmission. Its electric motor powering also means core skaters can efficiently perform extraordinary tricks with it. It can go from 0 to 20mph in four seconds. Also, at full charge, it can run up to 10 miles. To acquire one today, one would need to part away with $1,186.

8 Saint Laurent Jean-Michel Basquiat Triptych Skateboard ($4,500)

Before now, the prints on these boards were handwritten artworks directly from Jean-Michel Basquiat. However, since Saint Laurent acquired the rights to produce them from the Basquiat estate, they have become a beauty to behold. The 100% wooden multi-colored skateboard comes in a pack of three, and they cost $4500.

7 Louis Vuitton White Watercolor Skateboard ($4,800)

Like every Louis Vuitton apparel, these skateboards are crested with the LV logo and feature a watercolor monogram graphic deck. However, the most attractive thing about it is its beauty, especially as it could pass a home decor too. It is also made of wood, and its durability is unquestionable. It costs $4,800 to acquire one today.

6 1984 Rip City “No Net Ever” Black Flag ($7,000)

This is a vintage skateboard by Raymond Pettibon and styled after the popular band- Black Flag. Raymond, a famous artist in the 1980s, is also the brother of Black Flag’s famous guitarist- Greg Ginn. Despite being a simple board, its design which showcases the California skater scene makes it a rare piece. It is almost impossible to find it today and was sold for $7,000 in 1984.

5 Caters Company Gold Skateboard ($15,000)

This is a gold-plated skateboard designed by Mathew Willet for a popular skateboard shop- SHUT. Popular skateboarders say it is not a real skateboard and could pass as a trophy. The shiny piece of work is covered in pure gold, glitters, and screams luxury around it. Its designer, Mathew Willet believes its glowing effect is the most pertinent thing about it. The skateboard also proves that wealthy people would fork out any amount of money to buy a ridiculous attractive item. Today, it is currently valued at $15,000.

4 Supreme Mundi Skateboard ($20,000)

Like the gold-plated skateboard, this is also not an actual piece and cannot be used by a skateboarder. Instead, it is a painted artist’s palette converted into a skateboard by Supreme Mundi. It is like an antique item found in a museum and viewed for entertainment. However, to acquire it, one would be willing to cough out a whopping $20,000.

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3 Tony Hawk’s Beatles/Blackbird Skateboard ($27,000)

American professional skateboarder Tony Hawks used to own this skateboard and had the lyrics of The Beattles’ smashing hit Blackbird written underneath it. However, Hawks auctioned the skateboard to facilitate a fundraiser and a charity program. According to eBay, it received a record-breaking 53 bids from 11,400 visitors in 10 days for a skateboard. However, it finally sold on December 13th, 2012, to the highest bidder, who paid $27,116.

2 Adam Yauch X Bucky Lasek Set Of 4 Lyric Skateboards ($35,000)

This is also another auction project that was not far from Tony Hawks. Adam Yauch and Bulky Lasek sold the set of four decks at Tony’s auction to raise funds to build a new skatepark in New York. Like Tony’s piece, it also features the lyrics of the Beastie Boys-Bodhisattva Vow hit. The four-piece artistry delighted some skateboard lovers, who felt the need to splash $35,000 on them.

1 Jamie Thomas and Bob Dylan “Blowin’ In The Wind” Skateboard ($38,425)

This skateboard completes the list of the three most expensive skateboards, and it is the most costly. It was a piece with the footprints of American skateboarder- Jamie Thomas and legendary musician- Bob Dylan. It was sold at an auction, with its proceeds dedicated to supporting Tony Hawk’s Skatepark project. According to eBay, the final price it sold for was $38,425.

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