‘The Bachelorette’ Interrupts Itself For A Recap

The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” just want to get to know you. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray revisit the standout moments of this week’s episode-cum-recap.

In her frustration at this week’s cocktail party, Hannah unwittingly retitles the show “All We Do Is Talk About Stupid S**t.” But Luke isn’t the only one in hot water. Garrett’s major tactical error squanders his goodwill and earns the entire group a scolding. Later, Chris Harrison recaps the season so far — and offers Hannah a seriously regressive pep talk. But the biggest troll of all is ABC, which offered some gratuitous shots of a shirtless Tyler C. in lieu of story advancement (but we’re not complaining).

As always, there are some superlatives to award. This week’s include who had the biggest moment of enlightenment (Luke P., who may never close his eyes again) and who we’re feeling most sorry for (anyone named Marcus). Plus: whose ability to avoid the drama may have given him the edge to win it all.

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