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The hardest things to master at Christmas include untangling fairy lights, making delicious sprouts, faking enthusiasm for gifts and buying enough batteries.

While the elements most difficult to get right are working out what to buy for family members, wrapping awkwardly shaped objects – and getting the roast dinner timings spot-on.

Research of 2,000 adults who celebrate the holiday revealed making the right amount of food and not giving in to stress when things go wrong also made the top 50 list. 

And 13% reckon it’s impossible to stick to a budget when it comes to buying presents.

The research was commissioned by Tesco as part of its campaign to #Standforjoy this Christmas, which has appointed a panel of Advisors to ‘The Christmas Party’ – the tongue-in-cheek party featured in its festive advert – to help the nation’s festivities run smoothly.

Some of the advisory roles include a ‘Master of Mains’ – able to perfect a Christmas dinner, and a ‘Chief Sip’ who has a cocktail for everyone and will be filled by TV barman, Merlin Griffiths.

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Alessandra Bellini, from the supermarket, said: “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many, but that’s not to say that people couldn’t do with an extra little help now and then.

“Our research shows that many people want to make Christmas particularly special this year, but it also highlighted the demand for some guidance on some very specific festive topics.”

The study also found one in 10 adults struggle to make good gravy at Christmas, and the same amount find it difficult to keep the dinner table conversation on the right track.

Other areas of Christmas which are hardest to master include doing the big food shop, keeping the turkey nice and moist and finding delicious meat-free alternatives.

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But 41% are aiming to make sure this year’s celebration is extra special, and 31% will be staying home and hosting more due to the current climate.

Although 30% wish more people would help them out when it comes to hosting.

In an ideal world, 27% would like help decorating their home on a budget, 24% would like assistance pairing Christmas dinner with exactly the right drinks, and 21% want a dedicated gravy-helper to make sure it’s in perfect form.

Alessandra Bellini, from Tesco, which is inviting the public to join the ‘party’ by sharing the role they deserve with the chance to win £100 towards their Christmas shop, added: “We’ve appointed a panel of six advisors to The Christmas Party as part of our mission to stand for joy this season.

“Their hints and tips will be shared with the nation to help the festivities run smoothly.

“We’re also spreading the joy further by calling on the public to join The Christmas Party and share their own set of skills.”

The 50 hardest parts of Christmas to master:

  1. Working out what to buy for family members
  2. Wrapping awkwardly-shaped objects
  3. Getting the timings of the Christmas dinner spot-on
  4. Buying great presents
  5. Remembering all the groceries that need to be bought
  6. Wrapping presents well
  7. The process of cooking Christmas dinner
  8. Untangling Christmas lights
  9. Doing the big food shop
  10. Having everything organised on time
  11. Not stressing when things go wrong
  12. Sticking to a present budget
  13. Making the right amount of food
  14. Faking enthusiasm for a gift you don’t like
  15. Making sure you look pleased as you feel when given a gift
  16. Sticking to your food and drink budget
  17. Making a turkey that’s not too dry
  18. Making crispy roast potatoes
  19. Remembering to send cards to everyone
  20. Finding a place to hide presents
  21. Making good gravy
  22. Keeping surprises from loved ones
  23. Making sure you buy enough wrapping paper and tape
  24. Not appearing bored when talking to relatives
  25. Making conversation with everyone
  26. Serving a party food spread that everyone will like
  27. Deciding what to cook for Christmas meals
  28. Decorating the tree tastefully
  29. Keeping dinner table conversation on the right track
  30. Knowing where you can volunteer to support a charity or food bank over the festive season
  31. Getting the kids to stay in bed/go to sleep on Christmas Eve
  32. Having enough drink (wine, champagne, cocktails etc.) supplies
  33. Having a drinks selection that caters to everyone’s tastes
  34. Catering to gluten free guests/ guests with allergies
  35. Using up all of the leftovers
  36. Buying enough batteries for all the new toys
  37. Remembering to cater for vegetarians/vegans
  38. Finding delicious meat-free alternatives
  39. Making Brussels sprouts taste nice
  40. Keeping the Christmas tree alive
  41. Stopping the dog chewing or opening all the presents
  42. Making the Christmas tree look ‘Instagrammable’
  43. Serving food that looks ‘Instagrammable’ / social media ready
  44. Buying the right drinks to pair with the dishes you arecooking
  45. Sitting the right guests next to each other at dinner
  46. Decorating the table for dinner
  47. Not putting your foot in it with the in-laws
  48. Having a good playlist for your Christmas party
  49. Finding out where you can donate food/gifts to charity
  50. Making a Christmas pudding

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