The Witches reboot finally has a trailer, and it’s deliciously diabolical

The Witches, based on the Roald Dahl’s book of the same name, is coming to our TV screens via HBO Max. And, yeah, the trailer looks brilliant

Many of Roald Dahl’s characters will forever be imprinted in our imaginations. All these years later, we’re still having nightmares about the child-hating Grand High Witch of The Witches – so it makes sense that the star-studded movie reboot of the classic is coming to HBO Max in time for Halloween. 

And it sounds amazing.

What’s the plot of The Witches?

The movie follows the same plot as the original book: a young boy stumbles upon a secret coven of witches during a seaside holiday. And, with the help of his loving grandmother, vies to stop their twisted plan to turn all the world’s children into mice. 

Who stars in the cast of The Witches?

As promised, this is a stonking good cast: think Anne Hathaway as the malevolent Grand High Witch, and Octavia Spencer as the tough grandmother who has vowed to fight her bewitching nemesis to the very end.

“Grandma was such a fun character to play because of her personality, expansive knowledge of witches, and her compassion,” Spencer told PEOPLE of her role in the film. 

“She’s just the type of person you want on your side if you have to battle witches!”

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Elsewhere, we have Stanley Tucci as the persnickety hotel manager who unwittingly hosts the witches’ convention. 

And let’s not forget that The Witches 2020 boasts the added talents of Kristin Chenoweth, Jahzir Bruno, and Chris Rock, too.

Is there a trailer for The Witches?

Indeed there is, and you can watch it for yourself below:

“What would you do if there were mice running around all over this hotel,” a sinister Hathaway asks Tucci.

“Why, I would call the exterminator,” he replies, much to her delight.

Because (gulp) that’s exactly the answer she was looking for.

Who is the director behind The Witches reboot?

Robert Zemeckis, the Oscar-winning director and master storyteller who gave us Forrest Gump, The Polar Express, and the Back To The Future trilogy is spearheading this exciting project. 

And, as per Warner Media’s official announcement about the movie, he “brings a fresh sense of humor along with warmth and the unexpected to what is sure to become a Halloween favourite.”

When is The Witches coming to HBO Max?

As mentioned already, The Witches will be available to stream from 22 October on HBO Max – aka just in time for Halloween.

In addition to the film’s US debut on the streaming site, The Witches will fly into cinemas internationally beginning 28 October.

Decades on, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll be better equipped to deal with the nightmares this time around…

Images: Warner Bros/HBO Max

Will you watch the remake of The Witches?

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