These bizarre tattoos will make you think twice about getting inked

People share bizarre tattoos that will make you think twice about going under the needle

  • People from around the world have shared their downright bizarre tattoos 
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For some people, tattoos are a poignant reminder of a big event or a happy occasion in their lives.

But for others, permanent inkings are a little less significant.

And in some cases, people’s tattoo choices don’t appear to make any sense at all.

Inked-up people around the world have shared photos of some of the most unusual and strange tattoos they have ever seen, which have been collected into a gallery by Bored Panda.

Some tattoos are just downright bizarre, as these people from around the world have shared and Bored Panda collated the most hilarious into a gallery. A man with a receding hairline poked fun at himself by having a stick man mowing a lawn inked onto the crown of his head 

A man with an enormous stretcher in his earlobe made the most of the frame he already has, and had a tiny rodent tattooed inside it

One person, who has lost their second toe, channelled the nursery rhyme commonly associated with feet and had ‘gone to market’, referring to the missing ‘piggy’, inked where the toe should be

They include some unconventional signals of missing body parts that are likely to leave other people in fits of laughter.

In other cases, people have used their tatts to make conspicuous declarations of love to their other halves – in a signal to other people that they are definitely not on the market. 

One woman proudly showed off her rainbow freckles face tattoo which looked like glitter sprinkled on her cheeks. 

Here FEMAIL takes a look at some of the most bizarre tattoos people around the world have chosen to have permanently etched on their bodies…  

Step away ladies, he’s taken! This gentleman, who appears to be in a relationship with a woman called Brenda, declared his dedication to her – over and over again

This woman proudly showed off a facial tattoo of what appears to be multicoloured freckles on her cheeks  

Another man who has lost his hair got creative with his blank canvas, and tattooed a tortoise on his head

This person had an unusual depiction of Michael Jackson tattooed on their leg – but he appeared to have the facial tattoo of Mike Tyson and wore the jersey of Michael Jordan 

The irony! This person may have wanted to make a statement with a profound saying – but fell at the first hurdle with their weak knowledge of spelling 

Another person decided to get a troll tattoo but left some body hair in the perfect position for his barnet

This Lion King tribute, with its slightly out-of-proportion characters, doesn’t quite have the dramatic effect its owner was going for 

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