These people with tattoos of their exes decided to cover them up in the pettiest way possible

TATTOOS are permanent but unfortunately most relationships are not, so it becomes quite awkward when you have a constant reminder of your former flame etched on to your body.

Break-ups are tough most of the but it makes it worse when you have to constantly see your ex's name.

So these people have come up with ingenious ways to cover up some unfortunate inkings.

Some people decided to make a blunt statement while others decided to be a little more subtle.

Have a look at this hilarious gallery …

Messy mistake

Null and void

Nothing like a mother's love

Blossoming love

Never froget

Long list of regrets

Rose-tinted glasses

Stamp of approval

Demonising features

When the past meets the present

Great esc-ape

Covering up a former flame

Wrapped up


Public error

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